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             Subject: Center for Arts & Culture Distributes Four Key Studies on
    Preservation & Cultural Heritage

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    September 23, 2002

                     New Resources on Preservation & Cultural Heritage

                  Center for Arts & Culture Distributes Four Key Studies

                   * "Building on the Past, Traveling to the Future" *

                     * "Caring for the Past, Managing the Future" *

                        * "Folk Heritage Collections in Crisis" *

                              * "Preserving Our Heritage" *

    >>Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 12:28:21 -0400
    >September 23, 2002
    >CONTACT: Keith Donohue


    Washington, DC -- Public policies designed to help save America's cultural
    treasures have failed to fully prevent the loss and decay of our national
    heritage. Despite the tremendous growth of the cultural heritage field, much
    work remains to ensure that preservation becomes as engrained into the
    American consciousness. Recent reports have found that:
    * A national crisis looms in the loss of digitally-created cultural works
    * Audio and visual collections suffer from deterioration and terminal neglect
    * Federal agencies have not fully complied with mandated preservation
    * Since the National Historic Preservation Act was signed into law in
    1966, the Federal government has been charged "to be a good steward in
    managing the historic resources under its administration." Together with
    the work of private entities, the government has made significant strides in
    stewardship, and the cultural preservation movement has accomplished much,
    * Transportation Enhancement funds for historic preservation
    * The Save America's Treasures movement as a first step to make
    preservation part of our national consciousness
    * The United States is set to rejoin UNESCO after an 18-year absence

    Ellen Lovell, President of the Center for Arts and Culture, and a longtime
    advocate for cultural preservation, says of the four reports, "They are
    extraordinary resources for journalists and others who need information on
    the latest developments in cultural preservation and heritage. These
    concise, reliable and insightful summaries of the state of federal
    preservation efforts can help journalists shine a light on this often
    underestimated and misunderstood field."

    The Center for Arts and Culture, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to
    improved public policies for the arts and culture, has assembled resources
    on its website at www.culturalpolicy.org for the preservation field. The
    recommendations in the enclosed four reports shed light on possible courses
    of action to slow the daily loss of our collective heritage.
    * "Building on the Past, Traveling to the Future" is a guide to
    preservation funding through the Transportation Enhancement program of the
    Department of Transportation.
    * "Caring for the Past, Managing the Future" is the Advisory
    Council on Historic Preservation's own assessment of federal agency
    stewardship of historic resources.

    * "Folk Heritage Collections in Crisis," published by the
    Council on Library and Information Resources, ties together the complexities
    of access, rights management, and preservation.
    * "Preserving Our Heritage" is an overview of federal efforts in
    historic preservation, the preservation of artifacts, documents and
    archives, living cultural heritage, and cultural property.


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