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Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 02:25:05 EDT

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             Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 07:19:24 +0100
             From: Michael Hart <hart@beryl.ils.unc.edu>
             Subject: Re: 16.229 free e-books, e-records

    More about free eBooks. . . .

    This week contained several landmarks in the book and eBook world.

    The archive.org bookmobile is being launched today, exactly 450 years
    after the lanch of the original Gutenberg Press.

    Project Gutenberg reached it's 6,000th eBook.

    You can find these at gutenberg.net

    Project Gutenberg of Australia reached it's 100th eBook.

    PGofOz was started in August 2001 by Colin Choat, so it has taken
    just over a year to create their first 100 eBooks. [It took the
    first Project Gutenberg about 23 years to reach 100.]

    Don Lainson has contributed 30 ebooks to PGofOz as well as many to PG.
    He lives in Canada. Sue Asscher of Australia has also been quite involved.

    Our HUGE congratulations and thanks to each and every PGofOz volunteer!!!

    These eBooks are held in TXT and/or ZIP formats. To access these go to:

    For more information about Project Gutenberg of Australia, including
    accessing those etexts from outside of Australia, please visit:

    --Project Gutenberg of Australia--
    --A treasure trove of Literature--

    *treasure-trove n. treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership

    I hope you enjoy them all!

    Michael S. Hart
    Project Gutenberg
    Principal Instigator
    "*Internet User ~#100*"

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