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       [1] From: Carolyn Kotlas <kotlas@email.unc.edu> (20)
             Subject: CIT INFOBITS -- September 2002

       [2] From: ubiquity <ubiquity@HQ.ACM.ORG> (13)
             Subject: Ubiquity 3.33

             Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 09:31:53 +0100
             From: Carolyn Kotlas <kotlas@email.unc.edu>
             Subject: CIT INFOBITS -- September 2002

    CIT INFOBITS September 2002 No. 51 ISSN 1521-9275

    About INFOBITS

    INFOBITS is an electronic service of The University of North Carolina
    at Chapel Hill's Center for Instructional Technology. Each month the
    CIT's Information Resources Consultant monitors and selects from a
    number of information and instructional technology sources
    that come to her attention and provides brief notes for electronic
    dissemination to educators.


    Smart Mobs
    The Internet Goes to College
    Electronic Scholarly Publishing Articles
    Is Fair Use Dying?
    Educational Technology Shapers of the Future
    Recommended Reading
    Editor's Note

    [material deleted]

    INFOBITS is also available online on the World Wide Web at
    http://www.unc.edu/cit/infobits/ (HTML format) and at
    http://www.unc.edu/cit/infobits/text/index.html (plain text format).

             Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 09:32:31 +0100
             From: ubiquity <ubiquity@HQ.ACM.ORG>
             Subject: Ubiquity 3.33


    Ubiquity: A Web-based publication of the ACM
    Volume 3, Number 33, Week of September 30, 2002

    In this issue:

    Views --

    Collaborative Commerce
    The next phase of the Internet's impact on business
    By Scott Kownslar

    Digital Promises
    The prospect of living online may not be so attractive
    after all.
    By Arun Tripathi

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