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             Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 07:31:01 +0100
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    Instructional Technology Coordinator (PA III)

    Requisition Number: 813 Location: LOS ANGELES, CA
    Salary: $3997 - $7198
    Working hours are 8:30 am - 5:30 pm.


    Report to the Academic Services Manager and in coordination with the FLITC
    (Foreign Language Instructional Technology Coordinator) the Instructional
    Technology Coordinator co-manages a team of graduate student Instructional
    Technology Consultants (ITCs) who provide technical support to faculty in
    the use of instructional technology. Hire, train and supervise the ITCs.
    Oversee the ITC laboratory. Oversee "front-end" aspects of the Humanities
    E-Campus course web-sites, working in close collaboration with the system
    administrator, individual faculty, departmental staff, the registrar's
    office and other technical units on campus, to ensure that the class web
    sites and syllabi are available for undergraduate classes each quarter.
    Test features of E-Campus to ensure functionality and reliability. Assist
    in the creation of digital content for class websites. Create clear and
    concise documentation on instructional technology services and software.
    Provide training to faculty, teaching assistants, CDH staff and other
    divisional staff as appropriate. Assist in the planning and development of
    CDH's technology services. Consult with faculty throughout the Division of
    Humanities, analyzing instructional technology needs and making
    recommendations about how to meet those needs. Keep abreast of issues in
    the use of Information Technology in instruction both at UCLA and in the
    wider higher education community.


    Degree in Humanities or related academic discipline and/or teaching
    experience preferred. Interpersonal skills to work with faculty, students
    and staff from a wide variety of backgrounds to diplomatically pursue the
    goal of enhancing teaching through the use of Instructional Technology.
    Demonstrated proficiency in teaching users at all levels how to use
    instructional software, with skill in making oral presentations on
    technical issues. Knowledge of course management systems, such as WebCT or
    Blackboard. General knowledge of issues in Instructional Technology and
    demonstrated ability to keep abreast of issues in a fast changing and
    complex environment. Writing skills to produce clear and concise
    documentation about instructional technology for use by faculty, staff and
    students. Demonstrated knowledge of desktop and network operating systems
    (including at least Microsoft, Macintosh and Novell Netware). Proficiency
    in writing HTML using both text editors and web authoring tools such as
    Dreamweaver. Experience with multimedia development, including QuickTime,
    Real and Flash. Demonstrated knowledge of issues in web development,
    preferably with hands-on experience in developing interactive web sites
    (using, for example, Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion or ASP). Knowledge of database
    development (for example with Microsoft SQL or MySQL) preferred. Skill in
    strategic and long-range planning to set goals and prioritize tasks in a
    demanding and fast changing environment.

    See http://careers.hodes.com/ucla/job_detail.asp?JobID=63335. Job#813

    Zoe Borovsky

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