16.278 Globalisation and the Everyday City

From: Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
Date: Sat Oct 19 2002 - 04:27:00 EDT

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             Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 09:07:12 +0100
             From: Craig Bellamy <milkbar@milkbar.com.au>
             Subject: Web Site of Interest: Milkbar: Globalisation and the
    Everyday city

    Dear Humanist,

    I would like to introduce my (nearly complete) project to you. It is an
    oral-history project that speculatively tries to understand some of the
    ideas of globalisation within an inner-city Australian community. It is
    almost due for submission as part of a Doctorate program here at RMIT
    University in Melbourne. Your comments are most appreciated and I will try
    and enact on them if you have any major suggestions (You may especially be
    interested in how I have utilised a film analysis engine developed at the
    University of Bergen in Norway)


    Milkbar.com.au: Globalisation and the Everyday City

    Description This is a project that seeks to offer a speculative encounter
    with the set of ideas called 'globalisation' through utilising some of the
    new tools offered to researchers. Using a mini digital video camera, I have
    recorded a number of people in the suburb of Fitzroy, an inner city suburb
    of Melbourne, Australia. I have asked people what they identify with in the
    suburb, how this has changed over time, and what they see as negative or
    positive changes. Succinctly, the raison d'tre of the project is to create
    an oral history archive of the area in a period of rapid change and to try
    and understand some of these changes within larger analytical frameworks.

    take care,


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