16.300 research methodology?

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Date: Sun Oct 27 2002 - 03:20:05 EST

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             Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 08:12:03 +0000
             From: cbf@SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
             Subject: Research methodology

    For my sins I have been handed the research methodology course in the
    Department of Spanish which I last taught in 1990. It will, obviously,
    have to be entirely redone.

    I would be very grateful for references to online syllabi of similar
    courses, whether they are devoted exclusively to humanities computing or

    Charles Faulhaber The Bancroft Library UC Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
    (510) 642-3782 FAX (510) 642-7589 cfaulhab@library.berkeley.edu

    [Please reply to Humanist as a whole. This is a very interesting question! --WM]

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