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    linguistique de l'anne 1998/Linguistic Bibliography for the Year 1998
    and supplement for previous years

    edited by

    Mark Janse
    Sijmen Tol

    assisted by

    Kuniko Forrer
    Theo Horstman


    BIBLIOGRAPHY -- 1998

    Bibliographie linguistique/ Linguistic Bibliography is the annual
    bibliography of linguistics published by the Permanent International
    Committee of Linguists under the auspices of the International Council of
    Philosophy and Humanistic Studies of UNESCO. With a tradition of more than
    forty-five years (the first two volumes, covering the years 19391947, were
    published in 19491950), Bibliographielinguistique iss by far the most
    comprehensive bibliography in the field. It covers all branches of
    linguistics and related disciplines, both theoretical and descriptive, from
    all geographical areas, including less known and extinct languages, with
    particular attention to the many endangered languages of the world.
    Up-to-date information is guaranteed by the collaboration of some fifty
    contributing specialists from all over the world. With over 23,000 titles
    arranged according to a detailed state-of-the-art classification,
    Bibliographielinguistique remains the standard reference book for every
    student of language and linguistics.


    Table des matires
    Periodicals/ Periodiques. Abbreviations/ Abreviations. Directions for use/
    Directives pratiques. General works/ generalites. General linguistics and
    related disciplines/ Linguistique generale et disciplines connexes.
    Interrelationships between families of languages/ Rapports entre familles
    de langues. Indo-European languages/ Langues indo-europeennes. Asianic and
    Mediterranean languages/ Langues asianiques et mediterraneennes. Basque and
    the ancient languages of the Iberian Peninsula/ Basque et anciennes langues
    de la peninsule iberique. Hamito-Semitic (Afro-Asiatic) languages/ Langues
    chamito-semitiques (afro-asiatiques). Caucasian languages/ Langues
    caucasiennes. Eurasiatic languages/ Langues eurasiatiques. Burushaski/
    Bourouchaski. Dravidian languages/ Langues dravidiennes. Languages of
    Mainland South-East Asia/ Langues de l'Asie continentale du Sud-Est.
    Austronesian, Papuan and Australian languages/ Langues austronesiennes,
    papoues et australiennes. Languages of Negro-Africa/ Langues de l'Afrique
    noire. Amerindian languages/ Langues amerindiennes. Pidgins and Creoles/
    Pidgins et creoles. Sign languages/ Langues des signes. Author index/ Index
    des auteurs.

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