16.319 Digital Archaeology workshop, Rome, Summer 2003

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    FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT (November 10, 2002):

    Workshop in Rome, Italy on Digital Archaeology and 3D Computer Modeling
    Location: Rome, Italy
    Season dates: July 06, 2003 - July 18, 2003
    Session dates: July 6-18, 2003
    Application Deadline: Exact Date - March 15, 2003


    Program Type:
    Workshop or Practicum

    UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory

    Project Director:
    Bernard Frischer, Director, UCLA CVRLab

    This two-week workshop will introduce you to the use of computer
    technologies in archaeology. Topics to be covered include: history and
    theory of digital archaeology (DA); data capture (including use of the
    laser theodolite and of digital photography) for DA; introduction to the
    MultiGen Creator software package for 3D computer modeling; introduction to
    Autocad and its use in DA; making QuickTime panoramas; computer databases
    for recording fieldwork; use of DA in the field and for site presentation,
    education, and publication (print and digital). Of these topics, the
    emphasis will be on learning the rudiments of MultiGen Creator. There will
    be several guided tours of archaeological sites in Rome, one of which will
    be used for your workshop project. Class will meet six hours per day (three
    hours in the morning and three in the afternoon). You will be free to
    travel and/or work on your workshop project on the weekend of July 12-13,

    Important Notes:
    (1) No credit is offered, but students successfully finishing the course
    will receive a certificate of completion.
    (2) Participation is limited to ten (10) students.
    (3) The course will be cancelled if a minimum of five (5) students have not
    been accepted by March 15, 2003.
    (4) All participants must bring their own laptop running Windows ME or
    better;Pentium III or better; 256 megabytes of RAM or better; 5 gigabytes
    of space free on the hard disk, or better. It will be an advantage to bring
    a digital still camera. Feel free to contact the Director for advice about
    the purchase of this equipment.
    (5) Rome is very hot and humid in mid-July. Please make sure your physical
    condition is up to the challenge!

    Minimum length of stay for participants:
    13 days

    Minimum age:

    Experience required:
    Use of the Windows operating system

    Room and Board arrangements:
    You will receive housing in a simple but clean single room (without bath,
    no a/c). All meals will be provided Monday through Friday. You provide your
    own meals on Saturday and Sunday.
    $1,100 per session

    Not included

    Contact information:
    Bernard Frischer
    3441 Butler Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90066
    310 266-6935
    310 391-1460

    Bernard Frischer et al., "From CVR to CVRO: The Past, Present, and Future
    of Cultural Virtual Reality." available online at www.cvro.org.

    Juan Barcelo et al., "Virtual Reality in Archaeology." British
    Archaeological Reports (BAR) International Series vol. 843. Oxford, 2000.

    Maurizio Forte, Colin Renfrew, Virtual Archaeology. Re-creating Ancient
    Worlds. New York, 1995.

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