16.340 Dottie Day, 1943-2002

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Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 02:05:28 EST

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             Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 06:54:52 +0000
             From: Dorothy Day <day@bluemarble.net>
             Subject: Obituary for Dottie Day, long time Humanist member &

    Dear Willard and Humanist Discussion Group members,

         Dottie and I have been involved in Humanites computing for almost 2
    decades now. I haven't been a member of the Humanist list for some time,
    but she has remained a faithful member. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed
    with unresectable pancreatic cancer the day after Thanksgiving 2000 and
    after a long tenacious struggle finally died on Nov. 13, 2002. For those
    of you who remember her or me, you might want to look at the memorial web
    site I have set up for her at http://php.indiana.edu/~daym/dottie.html
    As you'll discover, if you didn't already know, humanities computing was
    central to her life in these last several years.

         I am in the process of closing out her email account and its massive
    number of email messages. The account will be shut down at the end of the
    year (Dec. 31, 2002). Would you please unsubscribe her from this list?
    Thank you.

        Any messages that you wish for me to receive now or in the future can be
    sent to my email account: daym@indiana.edu

        We'll miss all of you and your lively discussions.

        Mark T. Day
        Associate Librarian, Reference and Middle Eastern Studies
        Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405

        Home: 2536 E. 8th Street
              Bloomington IN 47408
              (812) 332-0496

    Dorothy Day

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