16.338 best OCR software?

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Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 02:05:52 EST

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             Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 06:58:06 +0000
             From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty@KCL.AC.UK>
             Subject: best OCR software?

    > from: Christian Koch <christian.koch@oberlin.edu>
    > date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:17:40
    > to: humanist@Princeton.EDU
    > subject: Fw: Best OCR software?
    > I'm wondering if some of you have a clear favorite among optical
    > character recognition programs (OCRs)? I used to do a fair amont of
    > scanning/OCR some years ago but have not kept up on what the current
    > state-of-the-art is. I'm looking for the best in terms of lowest number
    > of errors, ability to handle at least English and German (French would
    > be nice), and whatever other bells and whistles such programs have these
    > days. Have any of you found that it makes a significant difference as
    > to the quality of the scanner (flatbed) that you use? I have a cheapy
    > scanner right now which is fine for the graphics work I've been doing.
    > I'm assuming the quality of the scanner is not a big part of a good OCR
    > setup as long as the scan rate is within acceptable limits (I don't
    > remember now the stats on my scanner since I can't get at it from where
    > I am at the moment). I'm interested in software that runs on WindowsXP.
    > If this topic has been exhaustively treated on HUMANIST recently and I
    > somehow missed reading it, maybe someone could just point me in the
    > right direction. Otherwise I'd be happy to hear from anyone either
    > privately or through the list.
    > Many thanks!
    > Christian Koch
    > Oberlin College
    > Oberlin, Ohio

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