16.344 "New Perspectives in Humanities Computing" 12/02 (Alberta)

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Date: Mon Nov 25 2002 - 01:37:39 EST

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             Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 06:28:58 +0000
             From: Susan Hesemeier <sah4@ualberta.ca>
             Subject: Humanities Computing Graduate Conference Program

    "New Perspectives in Humanities Computing"
    December 5-6, 2002
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB Canada

    This year's Humanities Computing Graduate Conference, "New Perspectives in
    Humanities Computing", promises to be a lively and interesting affair with an
    international collection of 28 speakers. The conference will take place
    December 5-6, 2002, and we have sessions covering the following topics:

    Online Communities
    Gender, Identity, and Nation
    Reproduction, Representation, and the Politics of New Media
    Databases and Archiving
    Tool Making and Tool Use
    Hypertext and the Interface
    Language and Linguistics
    Technology and Pedagogy

    The keynote address will be provided by David Miall of the Department of
    English at the University of Alberta.

    If you are planning to attend from outside of Edmonton, please contact us for
    accommodation information at hucoconf@huco.ualberta.ca.

    The complete conference program is available on the conference website at

    Susan Hesemeier
    Department of Comparative Literature,
    Religion, and Film/Media Studies
    University of Alberta
    M.A. in Humanities Computing Program
    website: http://huco.ualberta.ca/~sah4
    "A backwards poet writes inverse"

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