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             From: Stuart Lee <stuart.lee@COMPUTING-SERVICES.OXFORD.AC.UK>
             Subject: Oxford Digitization Project: Ruskin Teaching Collection

    Digitising the Ruskin Teaching Collection at the Ashmolean Museum

    Work has begun at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, on the digitisation of the
    Ruskin Teaching Collection. During his time as Slade Professor of Fine Art
    at the University of Oxford (1869-79 and 1883-5), John Ruskin assembled a
    collection of exemplary works to use as aids to the teaching of drawing in
    the classes he established at the University. The Ruskin Teaching
    Collection comprises watercolours, drawings, prints and photographs by old
    masters, Ruskin himself, his assistants and his friends and
    contemporaries, and is currently preserved in the Ashmolean Museum. The
    collection, organised into different series according to the objects'
    roles in Ruskin's schemes of instruction, was described by Ruskin himself
    in several published and manuscript catalogues produced whilst he was
    Slade Professor. The different editions of the catalogues reflect the
    arrangement of the collection - which was continuously changing - at
    certain fixed points.

    Funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Board's Resource Enhancement
    Scheme has allowed work to begin on digitising the collection, Ruskin's
    catalogues, and the Ashmolean's catalogue information on the objects. This
    material will be made available on the web using an interface which allows
    it to be browsed and searched. A copy of the images and data will also be
    deposited with the Visual Arts Data Service. The opportunities provided by
    digital technology should allow for the collection to be reconstructed
    virtually according to the different catalogues - something that has not
    been possible until now.

    Work is now underway on the collation of Ruskin's catalogues with the
    collection as it now stands. Once this is complete, a pilot phase of the
    project will take a trial set of objects, digitise them and their
    accompanying information, and use this material to create a prototype
    system; the lessons learnt from the pilot phase will inform the
    digitisation of the main body of material. We expect the pilot phase to be
    completed by the end of summer 2003; the project as a whole will be
    completed by the end of October 2004.

    The project represents a collaboration between the Ashmolean Museum,
    Oxford University Computing Service's Learning Technologies Group, and the
    Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art. It is advised by a steering
    committee representing the interested parties and notable Ruskin scholars.

    For further details of the project, please consult the projects homepage
    at <http://www.ashmol.ox.ac.uk/ash/amulets/ruskin/>, or contact the
    project manager, Dr Rupert Shepherd, at:
    Department of Western Art
    Ashmolean Museum
    Beaumont Street
    Oxford OX1 2PH

    T: +44 (0)1865 278050
    F: +44 (0)1865 278056
    E: rupert.shepherd@ashmus.ox.ac.uk

    Dr Stuart D Lee | Head of the Learning Technologies
    Oxford University Computing | Group (http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ltg/)
    Services |
    13 Banbury Road | Member of the English Faculty
    Oxford OX2 6NN
    E-mail: Stuart.Lee@oucs.ox.ac.uk; Tel: +44 1865 283403; Fax: +44 1865
    273275; URL: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~stuart/

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