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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    December 11, 2002

                           IMLS Request for Proposals
       National Study of Users and Potential Users of Online Information

    This RFP is clearly of major significance as the results could be of great
    practical importance in designing the delivery of networked cultural resources.

    David Green

    >Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 08:37:27 -0800
    >From: DLI2 Coordinator <info@dli2.nsf.gov>
    >>To: DIGILINE@dli2.nsf.gov

    Request for Project Proposals
    To Conduct a National Study of Users and Potential Users of Online

    Program Overview

       Award amount: up to $500,000
       Deadline for submission: February 1, 2003
       Award announcement: mid-September 2003
       Grant period: 2 years beginning September 30, 2003


    The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) invites proposals for
    a project to conduct a large national study of the information needs and
    expectations of users and potential users of online information, and of
    the impacts of having such information. Online information includes but
    is not limited to information that is currently available online through
    libraries, museums and other cultural heritage institutions, and the
    Internet. The study will include a survey of user needs, which should
    include both current and potential user segments for online information,
    including students at all levels, teachers, parents, researchers, and
    other categories of adults. The project will be carried out in
    collaboration with IMLS. IMLS intends to make a single award for this

    IMLS wishes the study to provide data and recommendations about:

    * content that should be made available online to meet information and
    enterprise needs of the public, using broad definitions of both information
    and public; and
    * mechanisms and resources necessary to efficiently and effectively connect
    users to that content.


    Applicants may request up to $500,000 for this project. No cost sharing
    is required because the project meets the IMLS criteria for research.
    However, the cost proposal, including any cost sharing, will be considered
    as an evaluation factor.


    Only institutions and organizations that meet the IMLS National Leadership
    Grant criteria for eligible library applicants are eligible to apply.
    This includes all types of libraries except federal and for-profit
    libraries. Eligible libraries include public, school, academic, special,
    private (not-for-profit), archives, library agencies, and library
    consortia. In addition, research libraries that give the public access to
    services and materials suitable for scholarly research not otherwise
    available to the public and that are not part of a university or college
    are eligible. Institutions of higher education, including public and
    not-for-profit universities and colleges, are also eligible. Graduate
    schools of library and information science may apply as part of an
    institution of higher education. Library applicants may apply
    individually or as partners.

    IMLS recognizes the potential of for-profit entities as well as public,
    non-profit, and non-US entities to contribute to this project. Although
    such entities may not serve as the official applicants, they are
    encouraged to participate as partners.

    Terms and Conditions

    This project will be carried out through a Cooperative Agreement with
    IMLS. Except as otherwise stated in this Request for Proposals, all terms
    and conditions of IMLS National Leadership Grants will apply. The
    proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria, selected from the
    2003 National Leadership Grant Guidelines, pages 3.2 and 3.3, available at
    http://www.imls.gov/grants/library/pdf/nlg03app.pdf :
    Management Plan
    Project Evaluation

    The proposal should include the following:

       A plan for collecting and analyzing relevant existing literature and
    results of previous studies;

       A preliminary outline of a proposed survey design, including discussion
    of the methodology for identifying survey participants; for selecting
    appropriate survey methodologies (including but not limited to focus
    groups, telephone, online and mail surveys, etc.); and for development of
    the survey instrument(s);

       A budget of up to $15,000 for three to five persons to contribute to the
    project by working with the successful applicant and its partners to
    ensure that the survey design, implementation, analysis of results,
    dissemination of results, and project evaluation meet the needs of the
    library and museum communities.

       A budget of up to $25,000 for an additional group of up to 12 persons to
    contribute to the project by providing comments on the survey design,
    implementation, analysis, and dissemination plans. This group will include
    representatives of libraries and museums designated by IMLS and including
    non-U.S. institutions that have conducted or are interested in conducting
    related projects; and

       A proposed timetable for preliminary and interim meetings and for
    activities and deliverables including the proposed survey design, testing
    and implementation of the survey, analysis and dissemination of results,
    and project evaluation.

    Deadline and Requirements for Submission

    Proposals must be postmarked by February 1, 2003 (see page 4.9 of the
    Guidelines for instructions). Applicants must comply with all
    requirements for preparing and submitting the application specified in the
    2003 National Leadership Grant guidelines.

    Review and Award Process

    IMLS will determine whether an applicant is eligible and whether an
    application is complete. All eligible and complete applications will be
    competitively reviewed by individual field review and/or panel review.
    Reviewers will be drawn from professionals in the field and from the areas
    of expertise required. The IMLS Director will make funding decisions
    based on evaluations by reviewers, the stated priorities for funding, and
    the overall goals of the National Leadership Grant program and of IMLS.


    The award will be announced mid-September 2003.

    Grant Period

    The award will be for a maximum of two years, beginning September 30, 2003
    and ending September 30, 2005.


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