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Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 02:13:19 EST

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             Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:04:59 +0000
             From: "Gian Maria Greco" <gmgreco@yahoo.it>
             Subject: Call for new or updated entries for FOLDOP (the "Free On
    Line Dictionary Of Philosophy", published by SWIF)

    Call for new or updated entries for FOLDOP, the "Free On Line Dictionary Of
    Philosophy" published by SWIF.


    SWIF (<http://www.swif.it>) is the Italian Web Site for Philosophy, directed
    by Prof. Luciano Floridi.
    With texts in English and Italian, it is entirely based on the free
    collaboration online among a large number of researchers and students in

    FOLDOP (the Free On Line Dictionary Of Philosophy -
    <http://www.swif.uniba.it/lei/foldop>), is the English dictionary of
    philosophy published by SWIF.
    With 2.483 edited entries, it is the biggest and most complete dictionary of
    philosophy freely available online.
    Since its recent publication it has already had more than 28.000 visitors
    and it is linked by several international philosophical sites.


    After two years of work, we have now developed the project further and
    created a new search engine, more functional and serviceable, thus entering
    a second stage of the project.

    The editorial team of FOLDOP would like to invite the international
    philosophical community to contribute to the project.
    Contributions can consist in new entries or corrections/addenda/updates of
    old entries. Authors who would like to revise old entries substantially are
    also welcome.
    Our goal is to be as complete and comprehensive as possible, so no
    contribution is too small or irrelevant, if it can improve the contents of

    Anyone interested in collaborating to the project, especially authors
    interested in writing or editing one or more new entries (possibly in
    English, but Italian is also acceptable), can contact Prof. Gian Paolo
    Terravecchia, the Project Coordinator, (<mailto:FOLDOP@swif.it>), suggesting
    the entry or entries on which he or she wishes to work.

    All new or substantially revised entries will be signed by the author.

    To ensure the dictionary correctness and reliability, a scientific committee
    of referees will evaluate all submitted entries.

    For further information and instructions please consult the following page:

    Best regards,

    Dr. Gian Maria Greco
    Press Office's Head
    FOLDOP - Free On Line Dictionary Of Philosophy

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