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             Subject: Request for User Evaluation Material & Results for Survey
    and Synthesis

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 21, 2003

                                  Cultural Content Forum


               Request for Survey Material and Results of User Evaluations
                            Deadline: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th 2003

    This announcement describes an important project to synthesize the results
    of user evaluations of digital cultural resources in order to describe
    results to date and to inform the next generation of such work.

    Information is requested from cultural organizations worldwide. You can
    email electronic material to Alice Grant at <agrant@alicegrant.com> or mail
    material to her at the postal address given below.

    We look forward to the early results of this important work.

    David Green

    >From: "Alice Grant" <agrant@alicegrant.com>
    >To: <david@ninch.org>
    >>Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 11:23:48 -0000

    Cultural Content Forum - Evaluation of digital cultural resources

    The recently formed Cultural Content Forum (www.culturalcontentform.org) is
    undertaking a research project to synthesize results from existing surveys
    of user expectations and experiences with the digitized cultural heritage.

    Cultural organizations worldwide are requested to submit existing published
    or unpublished material relating to the evaluation of digital cultural
    resources for review and analysis.

    In collocating information about evaluation work the CCF aims to inform the
    wider cultural community about existing user research and evaluation and to
    inform the development of evaluation and user research strategies in the

    The scope of the review will encompass evaluation material relating to
    digital resources delivered via:
    * in-gallery or other on-site applications within libraries, archives and
    * CD-ROM-based or other desktop or mobile applications;
    * the World Wide Web or other remote or internet-based applications.

    The review will encompass existing qualitative and quantitative evaluation
    and user information, including (but not limited to):
    * evaluation of specific applications and services;
    * user surveys;
    * non-user surveys and market research;
    * web site usage statistics (where these can be attributed to a cultural

    It is envisaged that much of the material which to be reviewed will fall
    within the category of "grey literature" - that is, material which has not
    been formally published, and/or material developed for specific applications
    within an organization as part of a development project. Contributions of
    this type of material is particularly encouraged.

    Bearing in mind the potentially sensitive nature of some evaluation projects
    the confidentiality of evaluation material will be upheld if required; the
    aim of the project is to draw common lessons from work undertaken across the
    community, not to highlight or expose specific projects. Unless
    confidentiality is requested, all material received will be acknowledged in
    any resulting publication.

    The review is being undertaken on behalf of the CCF by Alice Grant
    Consulting. Evaluation material in digital form or queries about the review
    should be submitted to agrant@alicegrant.com or in the case of paper-based
    evaluation material, mailed to:
    Alice Grant Consulting
    Fengate Farm
    Fengate Road
    West Pinchbeck
    PE11 3NE
    United Kingdom
    Material is requested by FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7th 2003

    The review of evaluation material will be undertaken in two stages through
    to the middle of March 2003, as follows:

    Stage 1:
    Research and publish a catalogue of evaluation undertaken relating to
    digital cultural information resources

    Stage 2:
    Undertake and publish an analysis of available evaluation material. The aims
    of this analysis will be to:
    * identify common indicators and trends relating to the development and use
    of cultural information resources;
    * identify common issues relating to the provision of digital cultural
    * identify gaps in available research and propose an evaluation research
    agenda for the future.

    Acknowledgement of receipt of material will be sent to all contributors,
    however paper-based documents or digital media will not be returned except
    by prior arrangement.

    The Cultural Content Forum is a recently-formed international grouping which
    exists to harness expertise and forge consensus amongst agencies worldwide
    engaged in setting policy for the digitization and online delivery of our
    global cultural heritage.

    The Cultural Content Forum is facilitated by:
    CIMI Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information
    Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries
    UKOLN's Interoperability Focus (www.ukoln.ac.uk/interop-focus/)


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