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             Subject: Especial sobre Ciberfeminismo/Cyberfeminism special issue

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    >From: Cindy Gabriela Flores <ciberfeminista@yahoo.com.mx>
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    >Subject: Especial sobre Ciberfeminismo/Cyberfeminism special issue
    >Hola, l@s invito a darse una vuelta por el especial sobre Arte y
    >Ciberfeminismo de ArtWomen.org, que coordina Mary Jo Aagerstoun, en el que
    >colabor con un artculo desde la perspectiva en Latinoamrica. Tambin
    >encontrarn interesantes textos de Carolyn Guertin, Mara Fernndez y
    >Saludos cordiales.
    >Hi every body, I'm inviting you to visit the Cyberfeminism special issue
    >by ArtWomen.org, coordinated by Mary Jo Aagerstoun, where I collaborate
    >with an article from the Latinamerica perspective. You will find also
    >interesting texts from Carolyn Guertin, Mara Fernndez and subRosa.
    >Distrito Feministas, Telpolis
    >Elige, Red de Jvenes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos, A.C
    Carolyn Guertin, Dept of English, University of Alberta
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