16.450 case-studies of digitally born artifacts in museums?

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Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 02:45:38 EST

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             Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 07:36:23 +0000
             From: Lily Diaz <diaz@uiah.fi>
             Subject: "Digitally born" artifacts

    Hello everybody:

    A lot has been written about the use of digital replicas in museum
    exhibitions. I have attended many conferences in which beautifully designed
    digital artifacts have been presented to demonstrate the capacity of this
    technology to augment conventional modes of exhibition.

    I am now interested in knowing whether there are written case studies of
    examples of situations in which "digitally born" artifacts have been
    succesfully employed in museum exhibitions in place of the originals.

    Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!



    Dr. Lily Daz-Kommonen
    Senior Researcher
    Systems of Representation
    Media Lab
    University of Art and Design Helsinki/UIAH
    135C Hmeentie SF 00560 FINLAND

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