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    January was a quite lean month - only 3 additions (see below). However one
    significant change to CTOTW is the inclusion on the page of Critical
    Reflections, my newly started and rather opinionated Weblog on topics
    broadly related to critical thinking. The main page for the "blog" is


    Of possible interest also to some members of this list are my
    under-construction online tutorials in argument mapping - see


    Eventually there will be six in the set; at the moment only the first two
    are available in complete, first-draft form. Feedback would be most
    welcome. The remaining four will be available in the coming weeks.

    31 Jan

    in Miscellaneous and Fun

    <http://www.theonion.com/onion3902/skeptic_pitied.html>Skeptic Pitied -
    from The Onion
    "FAYETTEVILLE, AR Craig Schaffner, 46, a Fayetteville-area computer
    consultant, has earned the pity of friends and acquaintances for his tragic
    reluctance to embrace the unverifiable, sources reported Monday."

    20 Jan

    in Postmodernism and all that


    Derrida, Etc. By Mark Goldblatt. Review of the documentary Derrida.
    Mostly a compact and witty summary of orthodox views regarding what is
    wrong with Derrida, and by extension much of French "philosophy"; some
    original flourishes add extra value. Includes a brief introduction to
    deconstruction. Concludes strangely, in seeming mid-stride, with "et
    cetera". Derrida is "an intellectual con artist, a polysyllabic grifter
    who has duped roughly half the humanities professors in the United
    States... As a documentary, Derrida tells us little worth knowing about a
    silly Frenchman named Jacques Derrida. The fact that such a film exists,
    however, tells us much worth knowing about ourselves." [20 Jan 03]

    2 Jan 2003

    in Guides

    <http://www.scientificmethod.com/index_nofla.html>The Scientific Method
    Today by Norman W. Edmund.
    "These pages contain today s most up-to-date, clear, concise and reliable
    information about the scientific method that has ever been offered." Find
    out about the "SM-14 Formula for the General Pattern of the Scientific
    Method." Pitched somewhere between philosophy of science and a 12-step
    self-help program. Definitely worth a look. Booklets available.

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