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    Re - Semantic Revisitations - eR

    Jerome Bruner
    Acts of Meaning
    pp 2-3

    [in the context of mentalism vs behaviourism]

    It Was an altogether more profound revolution than that. Its aim was to
    discover and to describe formally the meanings that human beings created
    out of their encounters with the world, and then to propose hypotheses
    about what meaning-making processes were implicated. It focusssed upon the
    symbolic activities that human beings employed in constructing and in
    making sense not only of the world, but of themselves. Its aim was to
    prompt psychology to join forces with its sister interpretaive disciplines
    in the humanities and in the social sciences. Indeed, <pb n="3"/> beneath
    the surface of the more computationally oriented cognitive science, this
    is precisely what has been happening -- first slowly and now with
    increasing momentum.

    [Note the grammatical asymmetry between "world" and "self". Bruner begins
    with "not only" but does not continue with "but also". A formation not
    likely to get by Bruner's own series of drafts nor by a copy editor sans
    comment, especially in a passage dealing with parrallelism!]

    -- Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large, knows no "no exit" in a hypertext
    every cul-de-sac is an invitation to turn

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