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             From: Charles Ess <cmess@lib.drury.edu>
             Subject: CMC Special Issue on the Middle East and Central Asia.

    Volume 8, Issue 2
    Journal of Computer Mediated Communications

    "Technologies of Despair and Hope:
    CMC in the Middle East"

    A Special Issue Edited by
    Charles Ess and Fay Sudweeks

    In this Issue:
    "Technologies of Despair and Hope: Liberatory Potentials
    and Practices of CMC in the Middle East"
    Charles Ess, Drury University, USA, and
    Fay Sudweeks, Murdoch University, Australia

    "Habitus in Transition? CMC Use and Impacts among
    Young Women in the United Arab Emirates"
    James Piecowye, Zayed University, UAE
    "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Changing
    Public Sphere of Palestinian Israelis "
    Michael Dahan, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and
    The Interdisciplinary Center, Hertzeliva
    "The Internet and Youth Subculture in Kuwait"
    Deborah L. Wheeler, University of Washington, USA
    "Weapons of Magic: Afghan Women Asserting Voice via the Net"
    Beverly Bickel, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
    Also in this issue:
    "The Internet, Information Architecture and Community Memory "
    Patrick Carmichael, University of Reading, UK
    "Dicing with Deception: People with Disabilities' Strategies
    for Managing Safety and Identity Online"
    Natilene Bowker, University of Maryland, Baltimore County , USA, and
    Keith Tuffin, Massey University, New Zealand

    The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication is
    published at the Annenberg School for Communication
    University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA USA
    For further information, contact Margaret McLaughlin at

    kudos to James Piecowye, Michael Dahan, and Deborah L. Wheeler!
    The special issue was inspired by the range of presentations from the Middle
    East at CATaC'02. And we're planning for some more publications drawn from
    CATaC'02 as well.

    Hope this finds everyone well - cheers!

    Charles Ess
    Distinguished Research Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
    Drury University
    900 N. Benton Ave. Voice: 417-873-7230
    Springfield, MO 65802 USA FAX: 417-873-7435
    Home page: http://www.drury.edu/ess/ess.html
    Co-chair, CATaC: http://www.it.murdoch.edu.au/catac/

    Exemplary persons seek harmony, not sameness. -- Analects 13.23

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