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Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 02:33:08 EST

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             From: JoDI Announcements <jodi@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
             Subject: JoDI (V3i3): an innovative hypertext issue

    We are pleased to announce a new issue of JoDI, which takes a slightly
    different form to the usual issues.

    Journal of Digital Information announces
    A SPECIAL ISSUE on Hypertext Criticism: Writing about Hypertext
    (Volume 3, issue 3, January 2003)
    Special issue Editors: Susana Tosca (IT University, Copenhagen) and Jill
    Walker (University of Bergen)

       From the special issue editorial:
    "Rather than present a traditional collection of long papers, we decided to
    attempt to rethink what an issue of an academic journal might be. We
    invited submissions consisting of one or more brief nodes which we would
    then link together to create a hypertextual journal issue: an
    interconnected discussion of a topic rather than disconnected articles. We
    also invited contributions from both scholars and artists, to assist in
    bridging the gap that can appear between these groups. This diversity
    characterises the collection of essays presented here.

    "As editors, for us this has been a very exciting project. We think this
    issue is innovative not only in content, but also in form, and we believe
    it brings something interesting to the world of electronic publication.

    "We hope that this issue can serve as a landmark in the way hypertext
    criticism is perceived by authors, theorists and the general public alike.
    The essays included succeed in relating hypertext criticism to a multitude
    of humanities practices (print, visual and digital), so that hypertext
    criticism is shown to be embedded in a rich context. In the light of these
    contributions to the field, the picture becomes clearer than it has ever
    been before."

    Since this is a hypertext issue, we aren't listing the complete contents
    with links to individual contributions. Instead go to the editorial and
    start exploring

    You will find nearly 30 contributions from these authors: Mez Breeze,
    Julianne Chatelain, Richard E. Higgason, Deena Larsen, Bill Marsh, Adrian
    Miles and Jenny Weight.

    A note on navigation. Each node stands alone but gains from being seen in
    context, so each contribution includes a contents list linking to all other
    contributions in this issue. Follow the links in the text to see connected
    nodes, read the author details to see other nodes by the same author or use
    the table of contents to choose another focus.


    The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only
    via the Web. JoDI is currently free to users thanks to support from the
    British Computer Society and Oxford University Press

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