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    The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics is out!


    R. Mitkov (Ed)

    Oxford University Press


    Preface (R. Mitkov)
    Introduction (M. Kay)

    Part I. Fundamentals

    1. Phonology (S. Bird)
    2. Morphology (H. Trost)
    3. Lexicography (P. Hanks)
    4. Syntax (R. Kaplan)
    5. Semantics (S. Lappin)
    6. Discourse (A. Ramsey)
    7. Pragmatics and Dialogue (G.Leech and M.Weisser)
    8. Formal grammars and languages (C. Martin-Vide)
    9. Complexity (B. Carpenter)

    Part II. Processes, methods and resources

    10. Text segmentation (A. Mikheev)
    11. POS tagging (A.Voutilainen)
    12. Parsing (J. Carroll)
    13. Word-sense disambiguation (M. Stevenson and Y.Wilks)
    14. Anaphora resolution (R. Mitkov)
    15. Natural Language Generation (J.Bateman and M. Zock)
    16. Speech recognition (L. Lamel and J.L. Gauvain)
    17. Text-to-speech synthesis (T. Dutoit and Y. Stylianou)
    18. Finite-state technology (L. Karttunen)
    19. Statistical methods (C. Samuelsson)
    20. Machine Learning (R. Mooney)
    21. Lexical knowledge acquisition (Y. Matsumoto)
    22. Evaluation (L. Hirschman and I. Mani)
    23. Sublanguages and Controlled Languages (R. Kittredge)
    24. Corpora (T. McEnery)
    25. Ontologies (P.Vossen)
    26. Tree adjoining grammars (A. Joshi)

    Part III. Applications

    27. Machine translation: general overview (J. Hutchins)
    28. Machine translation: latest developments (H. Somers)
    29. Information retrieval (E.Tzoukermann, J. Klavans
            and T. Strzalkowski)
    30. Information extraction (R. Grishman)
    31. Question answering (S. Harabagiu and D. Moldovan)
    32. Text summarisation (E. Hovy)
    33. Term extraction and automatic indexing (C. Jacquemin
            and D. Bourigault)
    34. Text data mining (M. Hearst)
    35. Natural language interaction (I. Androutsopoulos and
            M. Aretoulaki)
    36. Natural language in multimodal and multimedia systems
            (E. Andre)
    37. NLP in computer-aided language learning (J. Nerbonne)
    38. Multilingual on-line NLP (G. Grefenstette and
            F. Segond)

    Notes on contributors


    Index of authors

    Subject index

    (784 pages)

    Oxford University Press is planning to expand in the area of Computational
    Linguistics and welcomes submissions in the field.

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