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    SEPLN 2003


    (19th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing SEPLN)

    September 10-12, 2003
    Universidad de Alcal de Henares


    The 19th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing
    (SEPLN) will take place on September 10-12, 2003 in Alcal de Henares
    (Spain). As in previous editions, the aim of SEPLN for this Conference is
    to promote the dissemination of research, development and innovation
    activities conducted by Spanish and foreign researchers in the field of
    Natural Language Processing (NLP). The conference will provide a forum for
    discussion and communication to facilitate an effective exchange of
    knowledge and scientific materials that are necessary for promoting the
    publication of relevant work and the establishment of means of
    collaboration with national and international Institutions that are active
    in this field.


    The main motivation of this conference is to provide the business and
    scientific communities with an ideal forum for presenting their latest
    research work and developments in the field of Natural Language Processing,
    as well as to demonstrate the possibilities offered by these solutions and
    to know about new projects. Consequently, the 19th SEPLN Conference is a
    meeting place for presenting results and exchanging ideas concerning the
    present state of development in this field of knowledge.

    Furthermore, there is the intention of meeting the goal, achieved in
    previous editions, of identifying future paths for basic research and
    foreseen software applications, in order to compare them against the market
    needs. Finally, the conference intends to be an appropriate forum in
    helping new professionals to become active members in this field.


    Researchers and businesses are encouraged to send communications, project
    abstracts or demonstrations related to any of the following topics:

    - Linguistic, mathematic and psycholinguistic models of language
    - Corpus linguistics
    - Monolingual and multilingual information extraction and retrieval
    - Formalisms and grammars for morphological and syntactical analysis
    - Computational Lexicography
    - Monolingual and multilingual text generation
    - Machine translation
    - Speech synthesis and recognition
    - Semantics, pragmatics and discourse
    - Word sense disambiguation
    - NLP industrial applications
    - Automatic textual content analysis

    Structure of the Conference

    The Conference will last three days, with sessions dedicated to presenting
    papers, ongoing research projects, prototype product demonstrations or
    products connected with topics addressed in the conference. Scientific
    activities will be complemented by social and tourist activities, allowing
    attendants to gain a better understanding about the social and cultural
    dimensions of Alcal de Henares.


    Authors are encouraged to send theoretical or system-related proposals, to
    be presented at the demonstration sessions, earlier than April 30, 2003.

    Both the delivery and revision of proposals will be done exclusively in
    electronic format (PostScript or PDF). Proposals will include a title, the
    complete names of the authors, their address, telephone, fax and e-mail.

    Proposals will meet the following requirements (concerning the final
    version, please check the publication formatsection):

    - Inclusion of an abstract (maximum 150 words)
    - Related topic
    - Overall maximum length will be 3,500 words (including the abstract)
    - The proposals will be anonymously revised. Therefore, two separate files
    will be submitted, one will only include the title and author details, the
    other will only include the title and the rest of the proposal
    - Final versions (after notification of acceptance) will follow the style
    requirements that are described in the publication format section in this

    The proposals will be sent through a web-based system. The exact address of
    this system will be published in the official website of the Conference.

    Any files with a size larger than 4 MB, must be compressed into any of the
    following formats: zip, rar, tar or gz.

    Projects and Demos

    As in previous editions, the organizers encourage participants to give oral
    presentations of projects and demos. Depending on the estimated number of
    oral presentations, any session may be reserved to this purpose.
    For oral presentation of projects to be accepted, the following information
    must be included:
    - Project title
    - Funding institution
    - Participant groups in the project
    - Name, affiliation, e-mail and phone number of the project director
    - Abstract (2 pages maximum)
    - If a demonstration is to be performed, further information must be
    included, as indicated below
    For demonstrations to be accepted, the following information is mandatory:
    - Name, affiliation, e-mail and phone number of the authors
    - Abstract (2 pages maximum)
    - Time estimation for the whole presentation
    - This information must be received by June 29, 2001

    Important Dates

    Dates for submission and notifications of acceptance:

    - Deadline for submitting abstracts: May 16, 2003
    - Notification of acceptance: June 20, 2003
    - Deadline for submitting the final version: June 27, 2003
    - Deadline for submitting projects and demos: June 10, 2003

    Program Committee


    Prof. Maximiliano Saiz Noeda (Universidad de Alicante)


    Prof. Jos Gabriel Amores Carredano (Universidad de Sevilla)
    Prof. Toni Badia i Cards (Universidad de Pompeu Fabra)
    Prof. Manuel de Buenaga Rodrguez (Universidad Europea de Madrid)
    Prof. Irene Castelln Masalles (Universidad de Barcelona)
    Prof. Arantza Daz de Ilarraza (Universidad del Pas Vasco)
    Prof. Antonio Ferrndez Rodrguez(Universidad de Alicante)
    Prof. Ana Mara Garca Serrano (Universidad Politcnica de Madrid)
    Prof. Koldo Gojenola Galletebeitia (Universidad del Pas Vasco)
    Prof. Xavier Gmez Guinovart (Universidad de Vigo)
    Prof. Julio Gonzalo Arroyo (Universidad Nacional de Educacin a Distancia)
    Prof. Jos Miguel Goi Menoyo (Universidad Politcnica de Madrid)
    Prof. Joaquim Llisterri (Universidad Autnoma de Barcelona)
    Prof. M. Antonia Mart Antonn (Universidad de Barcelona)
    Prof. Lidia Ana Moreno Boronat (Universidad Politcnica de Valencia)
    Prof. Lluis Padr (Universidad Politcnica de Catalua)
    Prof. Manuel Palomar Sanz (Universidad de Alicante)
    Prof. Natividad Prieto Sez (Universidad Politcnica de Valencia)
    Prof. Germn Rigau (Universidad Politcnica de Catalua)
    Prof. Horacio Rodrguez Hontoria (Universidad Politcnica de Catalua)
    Prof. Kepa Sarasola Gabiola (Universidad del Pas Vasco)
    Prof. L. Alfonso Urea Lpez (Universidad de Jan)
    Prof. M Felisa Verdejo Maillo (Universidad Nacional de Educacin a Distancia)
    Prof. Manuel Vilares Ferro (Universidad de La Corua)

    Organising Committee


    Mr. Jess Antonio Cid Martnez, Academic Director at Instituto Cervantes


    Ms. Isabel Bermejo Rubio, Responsible for the Bureau of Spanish in the
    Information Society OESI at Instituto Cervantes


    Ms. Eva M Garca Garca, Technician at OESI, Instituto Cervantes
    Ms. Raquel Tapias Aparicio, Technician at OESI, Instituto Cervantes
    Mr. John Michael Urresti Graa, Technician at OESI, Instituto Cervantes

    Ms. Rosario Guijarro Huerta, Collaborator at OESI, Instituto Cervantes
    Ms. Eva M Gmez Gmez, Collaborator at OESI, Instituto Cervantes
    Further Information

    Further information will be soon available at the official website of the
    Conference: http://oesi.cervantes.es/sepln.

    You may also contact the coordinator at any of the following addresses:

    Secretary of the 19th SEPLN Conference
    Conference coordinator: Ms. Isabel Bermejo Rubio
    Oficina del Espaol en la Sociedad de la Informacin
    C/ Libreros, 23
    28801 Alcal de Henares (Madrid)
    Tel.: +34 91 888 72 94
    Fax: +34 91 888 18 26
    E-mail: <mailto:oesi@cervantes.es>oesi@cervantes.es

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