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             From: Donna Reiss <dreiss@wordsworth2.net>
             Subject: Computers & Writing 2003 and Computers in
    Writing-Intensive Classrooms

    On behalf of their organizers, I am pleased to invite you to these
    conferences for writing with computers and new media throughout the curriculum.

    Discovering Digital Dimensions: Computers and Writing 2003 (3-D at Purdue
    in 2003) will be hosted by Purdue s Department of English, the Professional
    Writing Program, the Rhetoric and Composition Program, and the Writing Lab
    from May 22 25, 2003, in West Lafayette, Indiana.

    Keynote and Featured Speakers: Mark C. Taylor, Bob Stein, Victoria Vesna,
    and Victor J. Vitanza

    As in years past, the conference will provide diverse opportunities for
    engagement on issues of central concern to teachers, scholars, and writers
    in the emergent culture of the digital age. The theme 3-D at Purdue in 2003
    stresses the importance of discovery in the many dimensions of learning,
    teaching, and writing as digital networks proliferate and make possible new
    forms of expression, suggest alternative rhetorics, and invite
    (re)presentation of our disciplinary histories. Conference participants
    will have opportunities to hear keynote addresses from well-known
    intellectuals, attend poster and panel sessions, interact with vendors
    specializing in communication technologies, and be entertained at special
    multimedia (3-D) events. The conference again partners with the Graduate
    Research Network and the CW 2003 Online Conference. Some participants may
    have opportunities for earning course credit.

    Special features include an onsite virtual caf, digital discovery zone,
    open source workshop, 3-D hypnovista movie, pre-conference workshops, Wolf
    Park excursion, and more. For more information and registration forms, see
    http://www.cw2003.org. Full registration of $150 includes all meals and
    special events. Registration for students and adjunct faculty is $100.
    Contact: David Blakesley, Program Chair, help@cw2003.org.

    June 16-27, 2003
    Michigan Technological University
    Houghton, Michigan

    To all interested in higher education and K-12 writing instruction,
    composition, communication, new media, and pedagogies incorporating
    technology, I would like to announce a suite of summer institutes:

    These institutes are coordinated by
    Dr. Cynthia Selfe, Michigan Technological University
    Dr. Anne Frances Wysocki, Michigan Technological University
    Dr. Richard Selfe, Michigan Technological University
    Dr. Gail Hawisher, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
    Dr. Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Clarkson University


    _Approaches to Integrating Computers into Writing Classrooms (CIWIC-AIC)_
    In its eighteenth year, CIWIC-AIC provides a space for participants to
    explore the thoughtful integration of technology in composition and other
    classrooms by examining the value of such tools as electronic
    conferencing, text and visual composition software, print and Web design,
    digital video, and sound editing, as well as technology-enhanced
    assignment design and lab management strategies.

    _Integrating New Media into Writing Classrooms (CIWIC-NM)_
    In its third year, CIWIC-NM participants learn graphics and authoring
    software for composing multimedia texts. They also use those texts--as
    well as student- and commercially produced multimedia--as grounds for
    discussing and developing compositional and rhetorical approaches for
    teaching both the interpretation and the development of new media texts in
    writing-intensive classrooms.

    _Individual Projects (CIWIC-IP)_
    CIWIC-IP is an institute for past CIWIC participants who want to take on a
    more focused project. Past participants have worked on designing
    distance-education courses that incorporate email, the Internet, and
    Instructional Television; designing a Web-based student publication realm
    using Perl, JavaScript, CGI scripting, and PHP; and composing articles for
    publication. CIWIC-IP participants receive one-on-one instruction and
    support from a CIWIC staff member specializing in the participant's field
    of interest.


    CIWIC-AIC, CIWIC-NM, and CIWIC-IP run concurrently for two weeks, June
    17-28, 2003, consisting of 10 six-hour days with optional lunch and
    evening sessions.

    All three institutes use a state-of-the-art computer facility, Michigan
    Tech's Center for Computer-Assisted Language Instruction (CCLI). In
    addition to attending regularly scheduled sessions, participants have
    24-hour access to the lab for additional explorations and practice.
    Cynthia Selfe, Anne Wysocki, Richard Selfe, and a team of knowledgeable
    student consultants provide one-on-one instruction--on both Macintosh and
    PC platforms--in developing and using applications suited for
    participants' own classrooms and Writing/English programs. All
    participants receive three semester-hours of graduate credit.

    Participants need have no previous computer knowledge; individualized
    instruction will be provided. At the same time, participants who do have
    extensive experience with computers will find plenty of challenges and
    room to explore within the framework of the workshop. Participants from
    all educational levels are encouraged to attend.

    Enrollment is limited. Apply early!

    For more information and registration materials, visit our website at
    http://www.hu.mtu.edu/ciwic or contact Cheryl E. Ball by email at
    ceball@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-3272 (office) or 906-487-2582 (lab).

    Donna Reiss mailto:dreiss@wordsworth2.net
    Associate Professor, English-Humanities
    Tidewater Community College (Virginia)

    Preferred postal mail: 203 Grove Drive, Clemson, SC 29631-2310
    Home office: phone 864-654-2886 and fax 801-729-4925

    TCC postal mail: 1700 College Crescent, Virginia Beach, VA 23453
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    TCC e-mail: <dreiss@tcc.edu>
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