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    congratulations, stan! your award certainly indicates the growing respect for
    humanities computing research work. your project sounds fascinating! the
    killam is a prestigious award, and to have a funding body external to the
    discipline reward your work is indeed a feather all of our caps as well as, of
    course, yours :-)

    i would like to remind the list, though, that there are other humanities
    computing postdocs. i can name one right here at the university of alberta --
    the orlando project has had numerous postdoctoral fellows on its team since
    its inception. at least one of those fellows was externally funded. stan is
    also associated with the project. (as was i -- full disclosure!) see
    http://www.ualberta.ca/orlando for project member profiles.

    are there any others that list members can mention?

    tooting as many horns as possible,

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