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Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 03:07:41 EST

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             Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 07:56:26 +0000
             From: "Miran Hladnik" <miran.hladnik@guest.arnes.si>
             Subject: To write concisely

    As the editor of a voluminous Sammelband, containing 80 articles on the
    Slovene novel, I am faced with a numerous and persistent demand, expressed
    by individual authors, that I should allow them to exceed 30.000 characters
    posted as a maximum length for the publication. Two of them are excellent,
    indeed. I would very much appreciate the experience of editors in other
    disciplines and countries, concerning formal editorial postulations. I
    assume that the tendency to write lenghthy papers is more common in
    philology (or in the humanities on the whole?) than in other disciplines.
    Besides this, too familiar conditions in a small size national philology
    could be another reason, that individual respected authors expect privileged

    Miran Hladnik

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