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    Dear Colleagues,

    It's my pleasure to announce that Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell will be at the
    University of Alberta at the end of March for a series of three
    Distinguished Visitor Lectures.

             GEOFFREY ROCKWELL - "New Media and Digital Criticism"

    All lectures will be in the Old Arts Building at the UofA, room 326.

    Monday, March 24: 3:00 - 4:30 pm

    How do we think through the new types of media created for the computer?
    We can begin by naming them, but what names are there for these works of
    human art in the digital age? Names have emerged like "digital media",
    "new media", "hypermedia" and "multimedia". From each of these names we
    can weave definitions, histories and theories that would think through the
    issues in different ways. In this paper I will start with multimedia, one
    possible name that captures one of the features of the emerging genre -
    its multiplicity, including its multiplicity of names.

    Tuesday, March 25: 3:00 - 4:30 pm (followed by a reception)

    Computer games are not getting a lot of good press. While many are worried
    about the effects of prolonged game playing by adolescents, in the arts
    and humanities we can study games as rhetorical works to be critiqued. In
    this talk l will survey approaches to computer games and then ask about
    their study as rhetoric. I will propose that we want to think about them
    sensitive to the discourse around games that has emerged in the game
    design community and in the community of consumers.

    Thursday, March 27: 10:00 - 1:30 am

    It is common to describe certain computer-based artifacts as interactive.
    We think we know what this means, but like many descriptive terms
    interactivity vanishes before the definition. In this talk I will try to
    first argue that it is important to ask about interactivity and I will
    then defend a definition of interactivity as dialogue in multimedia with
    special attention to the discourse around interactivity in computer games.

    These lectures are made possible through the support of the UofA
    Distinguished Visitor Fund, the M.A. in Humanities Computing, the
    Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, and the Department of


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