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       [1] From: Ray Siemens <siemensr@mala.bc.ca> (73)
             Subject: New Technologies and Renaissance Studies (RSA Special
                     Sessions, 28-29 March, Toronto)

       [2] From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> (42)
             Subject: Further Information: Price of Digitization: 9-5; IMLS

       [3] From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois@umuc.edu> (31)
             Subject: Copyright Seminar Early Registration

             Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:41:26 +0000
             From: Ray Siemens <siemensr@mala.bc.ca>
             Subject: New Technologies and Renaissance Studies (RSA Special
    Sessions, 28-29 March, Toronto)

    *New Technologies and Renaissance Studies*

    Special Sessions at the 2003 Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America
    Friday and Saturday, March 28-29, 2003
    Colony Hotel Toronto, Giovanni Room

    For the third consecutive year, the RSA program will feature a number of
    sessions that document innovative ways in which computing technology is
    being incorporated into the scholarly activity of our community. This
    year's contributions follow this interest across several key projects
    (among them the History E-Book Project, Iter, and the Records of Early
    English Drama), through a number of thematic touchstones (scholarly
    editing, publishing, preservation, and access), and in several emerging
    areas of inquiry (active reading, atypical subjects for hypertextual
    display, and beyond). This year's sessions are outlined below.

    We invite you to join us and, also, to be in touch with the organisers
    (before April 30, 2003) if you are interested in being involved in similar
    sessions at the RSA 2004 meeting, March 25-27 in New York.


    - William R. Bowen (U Toronto; Chair of Electronic Media, RSA),
    - Raymond G. Siemens (Malaspina U-C), siemensr@mala.bc.ca

    *Friday, March 28, 2003: Colony Hotel, Giovanni Room

    - 8:45-10:15: Textuality and Electronic Textuality.
        Chair: Raymond G. Siemens (Malaspina U-C).
        - Ian Lancashire (U Toronto): Encoding Renaissance Electronic Texts.
        - Richard S. Bear (U Oregon): Nexus: Reflections on the First Eight
          Years of Renascence Editions.

    - 10:30-12:00: The Book, and its Contemporary Representation.
        Chair: Rebecca W. Bushnell (U Pennsylvania).
        - Richard Cunningham (Acadia U): Coincidental Technologies: Moving Parts
          in Early Modern Books and in Early Hypertext.
        - Stephanie Thomas (Sheffield Hallam U): The Exploration and Development
          of Tools for Active Reading.

    - 1:45-3:15: Reference Resources and Electronic Publishing I.
        Chair: William R. Bowen (U Toronto).
        - James H Forse (Bowling Green U): Spread Your Bibliography.
        - Deborah S. Lacoste (U Western Ontario): Computer-Aided Repertory Studies:
          Online Access to Chant Sources.
        - UMI/ProQuest: Early English Books Online

    - 3:30-5:00: Reference Resources and Electronic Publishing II.
        Chair: Julia Flanders (Brown U).
        - Eileen Gardiner (Italica Press) and Ronald G. Musto (Italica Press): New
          E-Books from the ACLS History E-Book Project.
        - William R. Bowen (U Toronto): Iter: Building Gateways from Catalogue
          to Collection.

    *Saturday, March 29: Colony Hotel, Giovanni Room

    - 8:45-10:15: Electronic Scholarly Editing and Renaissance English Texts.
        Chair: Ian Lancashire (U Toronto).
        - Melinda Spencer Kingsbury (U Kentucky): Katherine Philips' Friendship
          Poems: An Approach to Building Image-based Electronic Editions of Early
          Modern Poetry.
        - Raymond G. Siemens (Malaspina U-C), Barbara Bond (U Victoria),
          Terra Dickson (U British Columbia), and Karin Armstrong (Malaspina U-C):
          Prototyping an Electronic Edition of the Devonshire MS.

    - 10:30-12:00: Image, Exhibition, Archive, and Access.
        Chair: Susan Forscher Weiss (Peabody Institute).
        - Jennifer Trant (Art Museum Image Consortium) and David Bearman (Art
          Museum Image Consortium): Building Educational Partnerships on the Web:
          Museum Digital Documentation in Education.
        - Peter Lukehart (Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National
          Gallery of Art): Virtual Knowledge and Early Modern Visual Culture.

    - 1:45-3:15: Communities, Literary and Dramatic.
        Chair: Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam U).
        - Sally-Beth Maclean (U Toronto) and Alan Somerset (U Western Ontario):
          Performers on the Road: Tracking their Tours with the REED Patrons and
          Performances Internet.
        - Julia Flanders (Brown U): Renaissance Women Online.

    R.G. Siemens
    English, Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC, Canada. V9R 5S5.
    Office: 335/120. Phone: (250)753-3245, x2046. Fax: (250) 740-6459.
    siemensr@mala.bc.ca http://purl.oclc.org/NET/R_G_Siemens.htm

             Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:43:01 +0000
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: Further Information: Price of Digitization: 9-5; IMLS RFP

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    March 10. 2003


                                NINCH SYMPOSIUM
                           The Price of Digitization:
                 New Cost Models for Cultural and Educational Institutions

                                * Tuesday, April 8, 2003 *
                                  New York Public Library
                Trustees Room, Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, New York City

                        Free to the Public: Registration Required

    Omitted from the above announcement was the time of the NINCH Symposium: it
    is from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Registration is proceeding quickly and as there
    is limited space, early reservation is recommended.

                                         * * * *

                                     IMLS Issues RFP:
               Innovative Approaches to the Use of Broadband Technologies
                           Library and Museum Collaborations
                            May 15, 2003 Proposal Deadline

    Omitted from the Primary Source information about the IMLS RFP on
    Innovative Approaches to the Use of Broadband Technologies was a URL that
    further describes the RFP: http://www.imls.gov/whatsnew/current/030703.htm

    David Green


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    --[3]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 06:41:55 +0000 From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois@umuc.edu> Subject: Copyright Seminar Early Registration

    Early Registration Reminder * * *


    April 3rd - 4th 2003, Greenbelt Marriott, Maryland (Washington, DC Metro Area)


    Higher education institutions are facing an increasing number of issues in an attempt to comply with copyright law and also maintain an atmosphere that promotes learning and academic freedom. Seminar participants, panelist and presenters will explore in depth some of the most pressing issues facing intellectual property policy and higher education today. These issues include:

    - The application of the TEACH Act and compliance issues for higher education institutions

    - The rise in demands for universities to crackdown on the use of university networks for P2P file sharing.

    - The development of alternatives to scholarly publishing models to expand the public domain

    - The impact of the DMCA on academic freedom

    - The impact of recently proposed IP legislation on the higher education community

    Nationally recognized experts in copyright will discuss these issues during the day and half seminar. For more information about speakers and the seminar agenda please review the following URLs:

    SPEAKERS http://www.umuc.edu/odell/cip/seminar/speakers.html AGENDA http://www.umuc.edu/odell/cip/seminar/agenda.html

    Early registration ends *March 21, 2003*. You may register online or you may register by phone by calling 301-985-7777 or 1-800-283-6832, extension 7777. For additional information, please call or visit our web site. Sponsored by the Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland University College. [Please excuse the inevitable duplication of this notice. Please circulate widely]

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