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    [The following will be of interest to many Humanists, I suspect. The text
    is copied directly from the publisher's page at
    http://www2.uiah.fi/julkaisut/kirjat/a37.html. --WM]

    Design Research and Multidisciplinary Collaboration
    Lily Díaz-Kommonen

    This dissertation analyzes how knowledge is produced by the different
    actors working together at the intersection where arts, humanities, and the
    new media meet. We are presented with two complementing voices: one
    building theory of how art, facts and artifacts are produced, and the other
    reporting the process that contributed to those insightsthe collaborative
    design effort of creating the Raisio Digital Archive, which gathers
    representations of archaeological finds and assorted material culture of
    Southwestern Finland, from the periods of the late Iron Age to the early
    Middle Ages.

    "The work has a design activity as its empirical root. The author uses
    activity theory to weave together history and theories of design, art, and
    anthropology. The text illustrates the kind of interdisciplinary work that
    computer aided communications increasingly enables. It is a demonstration
    of what artists, archaeologists, and designers can teach each other while
    excelling in their own disciplines."
    Klaus Krippendorff, Gregory Bateson Professor of Communication, University
    of Pennsylvania.

    "The study presents design as an activity that is best conceived of as
    intersecting with art and the substance domain of the system to be designed
    (in this case, archaeology)."
    Yrjö Engeström, Professor of Communication, University of California, San
    Diego; Director of the Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work
    Research, University of Helsinki, Finland.

    Lily Díaz-Kommonen is a Senior Researcher at the Media Lab UIAH. She has a
    B.A. in anthropology from Brandeis University and a M.F.A. in Computer Arts
    from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

    271 pages, paperback, B&W illustration.
    ISBN 951-558-107-9
    University of Art and Design Helsinki
    26,00 euros

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