16.582 Call for Online Scholarly Humanities Resources

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Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 02:37:12 EST

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             Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 07:24:04 +0000
             From: Michael Fraser <mike.fraser@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
             Subject: Humbul Call for Online Scholarly Humanities Resources

    Call for Online Scholarly Humanities Resources

    The Humbul Humanities Hub (http://www.humbul.ac.uk/) invites members of the
    humanities research and teaching community to share information about
    scholarly Web sites via its "Suggest a Resource" page at

    Humbul catalogues online resources in the humanities, a remit that includes
    English, History, Archaeology, Classics, Philosophy, Religion, Modern
    Languages, Linguistics, and cognate subjects. As part of the Resource
    Discovery Network, Humbul is a free service supporting researchers,
    lecturers and students in higher and further education.

    Scholarly resources suggested by colleagues assist our own resource
    discovery activities and benefit humanities academics and students seeking
    useful online resources. Each suggested site which meets Humbul's
    collection development policy, http://www.humbul.ac.uk/about/colldev.html,
    is fully described by a subject specialist cataloguer and the resulting
    metadata record is made available for searching and browsing.

    In addition to building its catalogue, Humbul develops tools to make access
    to its catalogue easier. The My Humbul suite of personalisation tools
    (http://www.humbul.ac.uk/help/myhumbul.html) includes an email alerting
    service and enables the reuse of Humbul's records you select within your
    own web pages.

    The Humbul Humanities Hub is a service of the Resource Discovery Network
    funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee and the Arts and
    Humanities Research Board, and is hosted by the University of Oxford.

    Humbul Humanities Hub, University of Oxford, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2
    6NN. Tel: 01865 283 343. Fax: 01865 273 275. Email: info@humbul.ac.uk.

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