16.583 Computing methods on textual studies: workshop and conference

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Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 02:37:51 EST

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             Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 07:23:23 +0000
             From: Barbara Bordalejo <bb268@nyu.edu>
             Subject: Computing methods on textual studies: Workshop and Conference

    Conference and workshop announcements
    in computing, scholarly editing and stemmatics

    The Centre for Technology and the Arts (CTA) and the Canterbury Tales
    Project (CTP), De Montfort University,
    announce two events relating to the impact of computing methods on textual
    studies in general, and scholarly editing in particular.

    On 29-30 April the CTA will host a workshop in stemmatics and computer
    methods organized by the STEMMA project. STEMMA is an interdisciplinary
    project which seeks to explore the application of the techniques of
    evolutionary biology to the study of manuscript traditions. It is a
    collaboration between The Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge, and the
    CTA. A major purpose of STEMMA has been to test different techniques
    developed in evolutionary biology on various manuscript traditions, using
    data developed in several text editing projects (notably, the Canterbury
    Tales Project; the Greek New Testament Projects at Mnster and Birmingham;
    the Parzifal project at Basel). This work has given us insights into which
    methods of data collection, analysis and publication offer the most useful
    results. The workshop will show the methods we have developed, and give
    workshop participants the chance to use these for themselves. Twenty
    places only will be available for participants. There will be a charge
    of 75 per person, including costs for lunches, refreshments and a dinner
    on Tuesday evening. See the workshop website
    http://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/projects/stemma/workshop.html for more details.

    On 7-9 July, 2003 the CTA and the CTP will host a conference on 'New
    Technologies, Old Texts'. Conference papers and sessions will address:
    electronic editions, new technologies for the study of texts, the impact of
    technology on editorial theory, the use of computers in textual studies,
    computer software and the study of manuscripts, the role of the reader, the
    role of the editor, the process of publication, printed vs. electronic
    editions. The range of areas covered includes medieval English and Italian
    texts; the Greek New Testament; Modernist texts; advanced search systems in
    Old English and other texts. Confirmed speakers include Peter
    Shillingsburg, David Parker, Lou Burnard, Martin Foys, Peter Robinson,
    Linne Mooney and Dirk Van Hulle. The conference fee is 187 including all
    accommodation and fees. Day-only registration, not including
    accommodation, is also available. See the workshop website
    http://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/projects/ctp/confprog.html for more details.

    For further information contact Barbara Bordalejo at bb268@nyu.edu or

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