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Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 02:32:03 EDT

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             Subject: Counting Horses teeth

    Date: Wednesday 09 April 2003
    From: sbwhite@Princeton.edu

    Since the early 1960, substantial sets of data to support theory and test
    hypothesis have been available to those working in the social sciences.
    Both the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at
    the University of Michigan, and some forward looking university computing
    centers come to mind in this regard. However, like access for topics in
    culture and the arts has been very limited.

    Therefore other readers of Humanist may be especially interested to learn
    of a major new resource for data in culture and the arts just launched
    here at Princeton University. It is called CPANDA (Cultural Policy & the
    Arts National Data Archive), and provides access to current research and
    also to a variety of otherwise hard-to-find data on the arts, including
    public opinion, city-specific data and newly released statistics. It can
    be found at http://www.cpanda.org. A press release with more detail on
    the launch, including the generous financial support of the Pew Charitable
    Trusts, can be found at

    Anyone with comments or questions on the project, or wishing to suggest
    data that might be made available through CPANDA, can contact Ann Gray,
    project director, at 609 258-6052 or via email at agray@princeton.edu.

    Susan Bennett White
    Social Science Reference Center
    Princeton University Library

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