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Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 01:59:52 EDT

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             Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 06:53:44 +0100
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    Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games


    Bezalel Peleg
    Institute of Mathematics and Center for Rationality and Interactive
    Decision Theory, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

    Peter Sudhlter
    Dept. of Economics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark


    Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games systematically studies the
    main solutions of cooperative games: the core, bargaining set, kernel,
    nucleolus, and the Shapley value of TU games, and the core, the Shapley
    value, and the ordinal bargaining set of NTU games. To each solution a
    separate chapter is devoted, in which its properties are investigated in
    full detail. Moreover, important variants are defined or even intensively
    analyzed. Separate chapters cover continuity, dynamics, and geometric
    properties of solutions of TU games. This study culminates in uniform and
    coherent axiomatizations of all the foregoing solutions (excluding the
    bargaining set). Except for the Shapley value such axiomatizations have not
    appeared in any book. Moreover, Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative
    Games contains a detailed analysis of the main results on cooperative games
    without side payments. Such analysis is very limited or non-existent in the
    existing literature on game theory.
    This book is of interest to Game Theorists, Economists, Mathematicians and
    Researchers in Operations Research, Political Science and Social Science.

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-7410-7 Date: June 2003 Pages: 388 pp.
    EURO 129.00 / USD 126.00 / GBP 84.00

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