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Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 04:22:09 EDT

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       [1] From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk> (56)
             Subject: Mind and Society

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             Subject: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

             Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:18:44 +0100
             From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk>
             Subject: Mind and Society

    Humanists with an interest in modelling will be interested in the journal
    Mind and Society: a Journal of Cognitive and Epistemological Studies on
    Economics and Social Sciences, published by the Fondazione Rosselli
    (Torino, http://www.fondazionerosselli.it/). My attention was called to the
    journal by volume 2, number 4 (2001), specifically by the section on
    "Commonsense and Scientific Reasoning". I pass along the table of contents

    >Section on Commonsense and Scientific Reasoning
    >Preface by L. Magnani and N.J. Nersessian 27
    >W.F. Brewer, Models in Science and Mental Models in Scientists and
    >Nonscientists 31
    >This paper examines the form of mental representation of scientific
    >theories in scientists, in nonscientists, and in the philosophy of
    >science. It argues that mental models and perceptual symbols are
    >appropriate forms of mental representation of scientific theories for both
    >scientists and nonscientists.
    >P.H. Miller, Developmental Issues in Model-Based Reasoning during
    >Childhood 49
    >One approach to understanding model-based reasoning in science is to
    >examine how it develops during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. The
    >way in which thinking changes sometimes provides clues to its nature. This
    >paper examines cognitive developmental aspects of modeling practices and
    >discusses how a developmental perspective can enrich the study of
    >model-based scientific reasoning in adults.
    >Z. Marx & I. Dagan, Conceptual Mapping through Keywords Coupled Clustering 59
    >We introduce an automated framework coupled clustering for structure
    >mapping through identification of corresponding themes in unstructured
    >data. The method is demonstrated and evaluated through detecting
    >conceptual correspondences in textual corpora. We also preliminary
    >demonstrate how it could be utilized for identifying relational
    >E. Zibetti, V. Quera, C. Tijus, F. Salvador Beltran, Reasoning Based on
    >Categorization for Interpreting and Acting:
    >A First Approach 87
    >ACACIA is a computer model based on Adaptive Behavior and categorization
    >principles in order to study how artificial agents might be able to reach
    >long term goals without having a predefined and exhaustive a priori action
    >plan such as a schema. Reasoning and decision making are conceptualized as
    >emerging from goal and environment interaction, according to a contextual
    >categorization process.
    >A.H. Goldman, Moral Reasoning without Rules 105
    >This paper defends a requirement of coherence among moral judgments to
    >replace the requirement that they be deduced from rules. We must not judge
    >cases differently without being able to cite relevant differences between
    >them. These must make a difference in other cases, but need not do so in all.

    Note also the forthcoming issue, "Scientific Discovery: Model-based
    Reasoning", whose table of contents is even more promising.


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             Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:19:46 +0100
             From: SpringerLink-Alert-Service
             Subject: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science

    LNCS 2648:
    T. Ball, S.K. Rajamani (Eds.):
    Model Checking Software
    10th International SPIN Workshop, Portland, OR, USA, May 9-10, 2003.

    LNCS 2646:
    H. Geuvers, F. Wiedijk (Eds.):
    Types for Proofs and Programs
    International Workshop, TYPES 2002, Berg en Dal, The Netherlands, April
    24-28, 2002. Selected Papers

    LNCS 2642:
    X. Zhou, Y. Zhang, M.E. Orlowska (Eds.):
    Web Technologies and Applications
    5th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2003, Xian, China, April 23-25,
    2003. Proceedings

    LNCS 2633:
    F. Sebastiani (Ed.):
    Advances in Information Retrieval
    25th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2003, Pisa, Italy, April
    14-16, 2003. Proceedings

    LNCS 2627:
    B. O'Sullivan (Ed.):
    Recent Advances in Constraints
    Joint ERCIM/CologNet International Workshop on Constraint Solving and
    Constraint Logic Programming, Cork, Ireland, June 19-21, 2002. Selected Papers

    LNCS 2613:
    F.A.P. Petitcolas, H.J. Kim (Eds.):
    Digital Watermarking
    First International Workshop, IWDW 2002, Seoul, Korea, November 21-22,
    2002. Revised Papers

    LNCS 2611:
    S. Cagnoni, J.J. Romero Cardalda, D.W. Corne, J. Gottlieb, A. Guillot, E.
    Hart, C.G. Johnson, E. Marchiori, J.-A. Meyer, M. Middendorf, G.R. Raidl
    Applications of Evolutionary Computing
    EvoWorkshops 2003: EvoBIO, EvoCOP, EvoIASP, EvoMUSART, EvoROB, and EvoSTIM,
    Essex, UK, April 14-16, 2003. Proceedings

    LNCS 2581:
    J.S. Sichman, F. Bousquet, P. Davidsson (Eds.):
    Multi-Agent-Based Simulation II
    Third InternationalWorkshop, MABS 2002, Bologna, Italy, July 15-16, 2002.
    Revised Papers

    LNCS 2577:
    P. Petta, R. Tolksdorf, F. Zambonelli (Eds.):
    Engineering Societies in the Agents World III
    Third International Workshop, ESAW 2002, Madrid, Spain, September 16-17,
    2002. Revised Papers

    LNCS 2565:
    J.M.L.M. Palma, J. Dongarra, V. Hernndez, A. Augusto Sousa (Eds.):
    High Performance Computing for Computational Science - VECPAR 2002
    5th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 26-28, 2002. Selected
    Papers and Invited Talks

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