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       [1] From: "OESI Informa" <informaoesi@cervantes.es> (70)
             Subject: conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language

       [2] From: Steven Krauwer <Steven.Krauwer@let.uu.nl> (42)
             Subject: ESS2003: Language and Speech Technology for Language

             Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 06:47:11 +0100
             From: "OESI Informa" <informaoesi@cervantes.es>
             Subject: conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language

    SEPLN 2003


    (19th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing SEPLN)

    September 10-12, 2003
    Universidad de Alcal de Henares
    Alcal de Henares (Madrid)


    The 19th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing
    (SEPLN) will take place on September 10-12, 2003 in Alcal de Henares
    (Madrid, Spain). As in previous editions, the aim of SEPLN for this
    Conference is to promote the dissemination of research, development and
    innovation activities conducted by Spanish and foreign researchers in the
    field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The conference will provide a
    forum for discussion and communication to facilitate an effective exchange
    of knowledge and scientific materials that are necessary for promoting the
    publication of relevant work and the establishment of means of
    collaboration with national and international Institutions that are active
    in this field.


    The main motivation of this conference is to provide the business and
    scientific communities with an ideal forum for presenting their latest
    research work and developments in the field of Natural Language Processing,
    as well as to demonstrate the possibilities offered by these solutions and
    to know about new projects. Consequently, the 19th SEPLN Conference is a
    meeting place for presenting results and exchanging ideas concerning the
    present state of development in this field of knowledge.

    Furthermore, there is the intention of meeting the goal, achieved in
    previous editions, of identifying future paths for basic research and
    foreseen software applications, in order to compare them against the market
    needs. Finally, the conference intends to be an appropriate forum in
    helping new professionals to become active members in this field.


    Researchers and businesses are encouraged to send communications, project
    abstracts or demonstrations related to any of the following topics:

    Linguistic, mathematic and psycholinguistic models of language
    Corpus linguistics
    Monolingual and multilingual information extraction and retrieval
    Formalisms and grammars for morphological and syntactical analysis
    Computational Lexicography
    Monolingual and multilingual text generation
    Machine translation
    Speech synthesis and recognition
    Semantics, pragmatics and discourse
    Word sense disambiguation
    NLP industrial applications
    Automatic textual content analysis

    [material deleted]

    Further Information

    Full information is available at the official website of the Conference:

    You may also contact the coordinator at any of the following addresses:

    Secretary of the 19th SEPLN Conference
    Conference coordinator: Ms. Isabel Bermejo Rubio
    Oficina del Espaol en la Sociedad de la Informacin
    C/ Libreros, 23
    28801 Alcal de Henares (Madrid)
    Tel.: +34 91 888 72 94
    Fax: +34 91 888 18 26
    E-mail: sepln@cervantes.es
    Conference website:


    Oficina del Espaol en la Sociedad de la Informacin
    C/ Libreros, 23
    28801 Alcal de Henares (Madrid)
    Tfno.: 91 888 72 94; Fax: 91 888 18 26

             Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 06:48:41 +0100
             From: Steven Krauwer <Steven.Krauwer@let.uu.nl>
             Subject: ESS2003: Language and Speech Technology for Language Learning

                               SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT
                             CALL for PARTICIPATION

        The 11th ELSNET Summer School on Language and Speech Communication

            Topic: Language and Speech Technology in Language Learning
              Lille (France), Monday July 7 - Friday July 18, 2003
                     Organized by the University of Lille 3

    We are happy to announce that registration for the 11th ELSNET Summer
    School is now open. For this school we have chosen a topic of great
    relevance to researchers and developers in Europe and in other
    multilingual environments: the use of language and speech technology
    in language learning, both of spoken and of written language. The goal
    of this workshop is to get young researchers on a track that will
    eventually contribute to an important application area. The underlying
    vision (or dream) is The automatic animated language tutor.

    + Audience and aims:

    We see the school as mainly research and development oriented, and
    hence the primary audience are researchers, developers and integrators
    who will make our vision happen (rather than teachers who would use
    it). Both technological and pedagogical aspects will be taken into

    The aims are:
        * to make the students familiar with the main principles and
          problems of language learning/teaching
        * to make them familiar with current best practice in computer
          assisted language learning
        * to make them familiar with the main challenges in computer
          assisted language learning

    Participants are expected to have a general computational background
    and some familiarity with language or speech research and/or
    processing. After completion of the summer school participants should
    be able to function in teams aimed at designing or implementing tools,
    environments or courses for Computer Assisted Language Learning
    (abbreviated CALL).

    [material deleted]

    For information about the programme visit the ESS2003 website or


    or contact the chair of the programme committee,
    Steven Krauwer (steven.krauwer@elsnet.org)

    Steven Krauwer, ELSNET coordinator, UiL-OTS, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, NL
    phone: +31 30 253 6050, fax: +31 30 253 6000, email: s.krauwer@elsnet.org

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