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             Subject: Ubiquity 4.10

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             Subject: April Additions to Critical Thinking On the Web

             Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 06:52:15 +0100
             From: ubiquity <ubiquity@HQ.ACM.ORG>
             Subject: Ubiquity 4.10

    Ubiquity: A Web-based publication of the ACM
    Volume 4, Number 10, Week of April 28, 2003

    In this issue:

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    Is E-learning Really the Future or a Risk?

    Can e-learning investment decisions be justifiable with the rate in which
    technology evolves?
    By Charles A. Shoniregun and Sarah-Jane Gray

    Job Applications and Network Security, or, How to Not Limit the Online
    Applicant Pool

    Employers discourage potential applicants by not offering secure methods
    for submitting personal information.
    By Trevis J. Rothwell

             Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 06:52:40 +0100
             From: Tim van Gelder <tgelder@unimelb.edu.au>
             Subject: April Additions to Critical Thinking On the Web

    Subscribers in Australia might be interested in the following:

    <http://www.austhink.org/courses/ara/index.html>Advanced Reasoning and Analysis
    Intensive, three-day workshops on analysing, evaluating, producing and
    expressing complex reasoning and argumentation. Designed for high-level and
    high-potential professionals in fields such as business, law, consulting,
    and government. Presented by Austhink at Trinity College, Melbourne,
    Australia. Now open for enrolment: June 18-20, August 29-31 and Nov 19-21.


    Latest Additions:

    30 Apr

    in Health and Medicine


    More May Be Too Many by Gina Kolata
    Discusses evidence that "vitamin supplements cannot correct for a poor
    diet, that multivitamins have not been shown to prevent any disease and
    that it is easy to reach high enough doses of certain vitamins and minerals
    to actually increase the risk of disease." Sample of what Kolata finds:
    "Vitamin E supplements can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes,
    and studies of vitamin C supplements consistently failed to show that it
    had any beneficial effects. "The two vitamins that are the most not needed
    are the ones most often taken," Dr. Russell said." [30 Apr 03]

    29 Apr

    in Group Thinking

    <http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/diamond03/diamond_print.html>Why Do Some
    Societies Make Disastrous
    Decisions<http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/diamond03/diamond_print.html>? by
    Jared Diamond
    "What I'm going to suggest is a road map of factors in failures of group
    decision making. I'll divide the answers into a sequence of four somewhat
    fuzzily delineated categories. First of all, a group may fail to anticipate
    a problem before the problem actually arrives. Secondly, when the problem
    arrives, the group may fail to perceive the problem. Then, after they
    perceive the problem, they may fail even to try to solve the problem.
    Finally, they may try to solve it but may fail in their attempts to do so."
    [29 Apr 03]

    26 Apr

    in Miscellaneous and Fun

    <http://www.brunching.com/argueusenet.html>How to Argue on Usenet by Lore
    "It saddens and distracts me to know how many out there don't know how to
    properly behave on that great landfill of the intellect known as Usenet. It
    is for them that this guide was created..." [26 Apr 03]

    22 Apr

    in Experts and Expertise

    <http://www.vocabula.com/2003/VRAPRIL03Halpern.asp>It's safe to predict...
    yes, unfortunately by Mark Halpern. Target: media experts.
    "Experts and authorities are forever making predictions (many of them about
    the future), being proved wrong by events, and then continuing their career
    as experts or authorities without missing a beat; there seems to be little
    reason to be careful." Singles out one Ms. Judith Kipper for special
    attention. [requires subscription] [22 Apr 03]

    13 Apr

    in Postmodernism and All That - Essays

    See also Blackburn's

    Rorty, which explains how to keep your head while all about you are losing
    theirs. "Piece by piece, then, it looks as if the traditional building
    blocks of western thought - representation, truth, objectivity, knowledge -
    can and must survive Rorty's battering...Meanwhile, there are morals to be
    drawn. One moral is that we should beware of the level of abstraction at
    which many postmodernists, including Rorty, tend to operate. We have to
    drag them back to the everyday."

    3 Apr

    in Miscellaneous and Fun


    of Stupidity - review by Stephen Bayley
    Somewhat amusing, as you'd hope and expect on this topic. But there is some
    good meat on this bone - particularly the many pointers to previous
    classics in the literature on stupidity. I didn't know so much had been
    written on this topic. [3 Apr 03]

    30 Mar

    in Great Critical Thinkers

    Chomsky's Moment from The New Yorker.
    A rich trove of links to Chomsky's speeches, addresses, and writings
    online. Chomsky: you may not agree with him, but until you've heard him
    out, you've only got half the story. And, as Mill stressed, without the
    missing half, you can't claim to be making a well-founded judgment.

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