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             Subject: new publication: The Visual Computer 20.2-3

       [2] From: Kluwer <Kluwer@kluwer.m0.net> (48)
             Subject: new book, Newton and Newtonianism

             Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 09:44:44 +0100
             From: <alerts@springer.com>
             Subject: new publication: The Visual Computer 20.2-3

    Volume 20 Numbers 2-3 of The Visual Computer is now available on the
    SpringerLink web site at

    This issue contains:

    A real-time terrain visualization algorithm using wavelet-based
    compression p. 67
    Jin Kook Kim, Jong Beom Ra

    Animating visible speech and facial expressions p. 86
    Jiyong Ma, Ronald Cole

    A hybrid-based texture synthesis approach p. 106
    Chang-Hsing Wu, Yueh-Yi Lai, Wen-Kai Tai

    Constructive sculpting of heterogeneous volumetric objects using trivariate
    B-splines p. 130
    B. Schmitt, A. Pasko, C. Schlick

    The Marching Intersections algorithm for merging range images p. 149
    Claudio Rocchini, Paolo Cignoni, Fabio Ganovelli, Claudio Montani, Paolo
    Pingi, Roberto Scopigno

    Real-time knot-tying simulation p. 165
    Joel Brown, Jean-Claude Latombe, Kevin Montgomery

    v2 Subdivision for quadrilateral meshes p. 180
    Guiqing Li, Weiyin Ma, Hujun Bao

    Blending surface generation using a fast and accurate analytical solution of a
    fourth-order PDE with three shape control parameters p. 199
    Lihua You, Jian J. Zhang, Peter Comninos
    DOI: <http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00371-004-0241-7>10.1007/s00371-004-0241-7

             Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 09:45:54 +0100
             From: Kluwer <Kluwer@kluwer.m0.net>
             Subject: new book, Newton and Newtonianism

    Newton and Newtonianism
    New Studies

    edited by

    James E. Force
    Dept. of Philosophy, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA

    Sarah Hutton
    School of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University, London, UK


    This volume contains eleven essays by eminent scholars which focus on
    Newton's theology, his study of alchemy, the early reception of
    Newtonianism, and the history of Newton scholarship. It includes unique
    accounts of the attempts over the last quarter of the twentieth century, to
    publish Sir Isaac Newton's theological manuscripts, including an essay by
    the eminent historian of philosophy, Richard H. Popkin, regarding his
    involvement in this enterprise, as well as essays by Rob Iliffe and Scott
    Mandelbrote, the founding Editorial Directors of the Newton Manuscript
    Project, recently set up to publish Newton's unpublished manuscripts for
    the first time. The volume also features the emerging interpretations of
    Newton's seminal theological thought, and its relationship to his
    scientific work, as well as other important essays which illuminate
    Newton's influence upon so many of the complex and seemingly paradoxical
    patterns of the Enlightenment.

         * Preface; J.E. Force, S. Hutton. Introduction; M.J. Osler.
         * 1. The New Newtonian Scholarship and the Fate of the Scientific
    Revolution; M.J. Osler.
         * 2. Plans for Publishing Newton's Religious and Alchemical
    Manuscripts, 1982-1998; R.H. Popkin.
         * 3. Digitizing Newton: The Newton Project and an Electronic Edition of
    Newton's Papers; R. Iliffe.
         * 4. Was Newton a Voluntarist? P. Harrison.
         * 5. Providence and Newton's Pantokrator: Natural Law, Miracles and
    Newtonian Science; J.E. Force.
         * 6. Eighteenth-Century Reactions to Newton's Anti-Trinitarianism; S.
         * 7. Prosecuting Athanasius: Protestant Forensics and the Mirrors of
    Persecution; R. Iliffe.
         * 8. Lust, Pride and Ambition: Isaac Newton and the Devil; S.D. Snobelen.
         * 9. Women, Science and Newtonianism: Emilie Du Ch√Ętelet Versus
    Francesca Algarotti; S. Hutton.
         * 10. Reflections on Newton's Alchemy in Light of the New
    Historiography of Alchemy; L.M. Principe.
         * 11. The Trouble with Newton in the Eighteenth Century; L. Stewart.
         * Index.

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-1969-6 Date: July 2004 Pages: 272 pp.
    EUR 96.00 / USD 106.00 / GBP 67.00

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