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    Volume 8 Number 2 of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing is now available on
    the SpringerLink web site at

    The Reception of Galilean Science of Motion in Seventeenth Century Europe

    edited by

    Carla Rita Palmerino
    University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

    J.M.M.H. Thijssen
    Dept. of Philosophy, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands


    This book collects contributions by some of the leading scholars working on
    seventeenth-century mechanics and the mechanical philosophy. Together, the
    articles provide a broad and accurate picture of the fortune of Galileo's
    theory of motion in Europe and of the various physical, mathematical, and
    ontological arguments that were used in favour and against it. Were
    Galileo's contemporaries really aware of what Westfall has described as
    "the incompatibility between the demands of mathematical mechanics and the
    needs of mechanical philosophy"? To what extent did Galileo's silence
    concerning the cause of free fall impede the acceptance of his theory of
    motion? Which methods were used, before the invention if the infinitesimal
    calculus, to check the validity of Galileo's laws of free fall and of
    parabolic motion? And what sorts of experiments were invoked in favour or
    against these laws? These and related questions are addressed in this volume.

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-2454-1 Date: June 2004 Pages: 280 pp.
    EUR 99.00 / USD 109.00 / GBP 69.00

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