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             Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 07:18:19 +0100
             From: "Matthew L. Jockers" <mjockers@stanford.edu>
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    Academic Technology Specialist, Political Science (#004707). Range: 4P3.
    Posted: 01/23/2004.

    Overview: The primary goals of Stanford University - teaching, learning and
    research - are centered on the accumulation and distribution of information
    among faculty, staff and students. Because of tremendous technological
    advances in information science during the past few years, it is essential
    that Stanford University faculty make the best use of information resources,
    local and world-wide, in their classroom instruction and individual

    The Political Science Department is one of several schools and departments
    selected to participate in a project that will provide Academic Technology
    Specialists (ATS) to assist faculty in the development and implementation of
    research and teaching projects that require a combination of computer
    programming, data management, and statistical analysis.

    The ATS will be located in the Department of Political Science, and will
    report directly to both the Chair of the department and the Academic
    Technology Manager within Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information
    Resources (SUL/AIR). The ATS is expected to work primarily with the faculty
    in the Department of Political Science and project scheduling and priorities
    will be established in consultation with the faculty.

    In addition to working with faculty in the Political Science Department, the
    ATS will devote up to eight hours per week in service to the Stanford
    University Libraries & Academic Information Resources. There the ATS will
    assist the broader academic community, via consulting and training, in using
    technology relevant to education and the social sciences.

    The ATS must have extensive programming and project development experience,
    data management skills, and knowledge of statistical applications and data
    analysis. He/she should be resourceful and creative in using current
    technologies, and demonstrate excellent organizational, instructional, and
    communication skills. The ATS will have a proven record of developing
    technology solutions and teaching others how to employ these solutions. The
    ATS will actively encourage and support the use of educational and research
    technology. He/she must have a willingness and interest in working with
    faculty at different levels of technical experience and expertise.

    Specific responsibilities include: Perform data management functions for
    faculty teaching and research projects. Tasks may include design ,
    construction, manipulation, and maintenance of databases (mySQL, Oracle,
    Sybase, or Access), input of data, construction of data integrity checks,
    matching and merging of datasets, import and exporting of data in different
    formats, preparation of documentation, and ongoing maintenance and support.

    Programming of data manipulation and statistical procedures for teaching and
    research projects using a variety of programming languages (C/C++, Java,
    Perl, Python) and statistical packages.

    Support for software used in research and teaching, such as statistical
    applications (R/S+, Stata, SAS, SPSS, and specialized statistical tools),
    presentations (TeX/LaTeX, Powerpoint), and Web site development.

    Advise the department on technical matters and provide leadership in
    technology. Initiating ideas, implementing solutions, and finding resources.
    Staying abreast of technological advances; testing and integrating those
    that foster learning and effective communication. Provide customized
    technical and pedagogical solutions to integrate resources into the
    curricula of individual faculty.

    Assist faculty in writing the technology components of grant proposals.

    Collaborate and consult with the Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) of
    Green Library in order to facilitate optimal faculty and student use of
    their resources and services, including the Social Science Data Service and
    Statistical Software Support.

    Serving as a direct resource for, and facilitator in, gaining support and
    assistance with campus infrastructure applications. Consulting and
    collaborating with experts elsewhere in the University on statistical and
    data analysis applications, making effective use of established solutions
    and investigating new ones.

    Participate as a team member in Faculty Support Services in Meyer Library,
    providing consulting to faculty and colleagues when technical depth in
    subject area is needed.

    Qualifications: Specific requirements include: A baccalaureate degree plus
    at least five years experience in academic computing and technology project
    management or the equivalent combination of education and experience. An
    advanced degree is desirable.

    Expert knowledge of Windows, Macintosh and unix/linux environments.

    Experience with providing computing resources in a networked environment
    Prefer awareness of technological environment at Stanford. Extensive
    experience programming in C, C++, Java, or Fortran, and with a variety of
    scripting languages including Perl, Python, and (t)csh.

    Familiarity with developing simulations desirable.

    Extensive experience with design, construction, manipulation and maintenance
    of relational databases such as mySQL, Oracle, Sybase and Access. Experience
    developing data-driven Web sites.

    Expert knowledge of statistical applications, such as Stata, S-Plus, R, and

    Demonstrated experience applying statistical applications and software for
    data analysis.

    Excellent time management and project management skills.

    Demonstrated experience managing projects and a complex workload,
    prioritizing tasks, and using good judgment in defining goals and objectives
    based on general strategic directions. A proven record of success in leading
    and implementing technology projects. Demonstrated initiative in developing
    short and long-term plans, and translating programmatic issues into

    Familiarity with online resources in the social sciences, including Social
    Sciences Citation Index, etc. desirable.

    Excellent teaching, communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to
    interact effectively and tactfully in oral and written communications with
    members of the academic community; experience working in an environment
    where colleagues have diverse backgrounds and customs. SUL/AIR Acomp



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