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    To whom it may concern,

    We are pleased to announce the latest issue of Early Modern Literary
    Studies. Special Issue 14 is edited by Lisa Hopkins, Emma Rees, and Gweno
    Williams and consists of essays from the Fifth Biennial International
    Margaret Cavendish Conference.

    The contents are as follows:

    Concocting the world's olio: Margaret Cavendish and continental influence.
    [1] Sara H. Mendelson, McMaster University.

    Mad Science Beyond Flattery: The Correspondence of Margaret Cavendish and
    Constantijn Huygens. [2] Nadine N. W. Akkerman, Vrije Universiteit
    Amsterdam, and Marguérite Corporaal, University of Groningen.

    Happy Families and Learned Ladies:Margaret Cavendish, William Cavendish,
    and their onstage academy debate. [3] Alexandra Bennett, Northern Illinois

    Playing with Religion: Convents, Cloisters, Martyrdom, and Vows. [4] Erna
    Kelly, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

    Fighting the Kingdom of Faction in Bell in Campo. [5] Oddvar Holmesland,
    Agder University College, Norway.
    Crime and Context in The Unnatural Tragedy. [6] Lisa Hopkins, Sheffield
    Hallam University.

    The Intellectual and Literary Courtship of Margaret Cavendish. [7] James
    Fitzmaurice, Northern Arizona University.
    Defects Redressed: Margaret Cavendish Aspires to Motley. [8] Lesley
    Peterson, University of Alberta.

    The City of Chance, or, Margaret Cavendish's Theory of Radical Symmetry.
    [9] B. R. Siegfried, Brigham Young University.

    "My Spirits long to wander in the Air...": Spirits and Souls in Margaret
    Cavendish's Fiction between Early Modern Philosophy and Cyber Theory. [10]
    Miriam Wallraven, Tübingen University.

    "I hate such an old-fashioned House": Margaret Cavendish and the search for
    home. [11] Alison Findlay, University of Lancaster.

    An Empowering Wit and an "Unnatural" Tragedy: Margaret Cavendish's
    Representation of the Tragic Female Voice. [12] Marguérite Corporaal,
    University of Groningen.

    Gender Subversion in the Science of Margaret Cavendish. [13] Lisa Walters,
    The University of Edinburgh.


    Emma L.E. Rees. Margaret Cavendish: Gender, Genre, Exile. Manchester:
    Manchester UP, 2003. [14] James Fitzmaurice, Northern Arizona University.

    Theatre Review:

    The Duchess Takes the Stage: An Evening of Margaret Cavendish's Plays in
    Performance. Margaret Cavendish Performance Project. Produced by Gweno
    Williams. Margaret Cavendish Society Conference, University College
    Chester, Saturday, July 19, 2003. [15] Alexandra Bennett, Northern Illinois

    Submission information:

    EMLS invites contributions of critical essays on literary topics and of
    interdisciplinary studies which centre on literature and literary culture
    in English during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Contributions,
    including critical essays and studies (which should be accompanied by a 250
    word abstract), bibliographies, notices, letters, and other materials, may
    be submitted to the Editor by email at M.Steggle@shu.ac.uk or by regular
    mail to Dr Matthew Steggle, Early Modern Literary Studies, School of
    Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, Collegiate Crescent Campus,
    Sheffield, S10 2BP, U.K.

    Responses to articles, reviews, and notes appearing in this issue that are
    intended for the Readers' Forum may be sent to the Editor at

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