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An International Colloquium

University of Roma Tre
Department of Linguistics
Rome, October 21-22 2004

Interest in the evolution of digital writing and new media
interactions has been growing during the last few years, part
of one of the most lively and promising branches of research on
communication. Following its strong teaching and research interests
in this emerging field the Department of Linguistics of the University of
Roma Tre has decided to organize a two-days colloquium on writing and new

The conference is divided into three sections, representing different
disciplines and research perspectives:

- Orality, Writing, Memory
- Writing and the Professions
- Writing and New Media

Speakers include:
Alberto Abruzzese (Universita' di Roma La Sapienza), Luisa Carrada (Editor,
Finsiel), Dario Corno (Universita' del Piemonte Orientale), Paolo D'Achille
(Universita' di Roma Tre), Duccio Demetrio (Universita' di Milano),
Alessandro Duranti (UCLA, USA), Giampiero Gamaleri (Universita' di Roma
Tre), Claudio Giovanardi (Universita' di Roma Tre), Giulio Lughi
(Universita' di Torino), Franca Orletti (Universita' di Roma Tre), Antonio
Perri (Universita' di Napoli), Clotilde Pontecorvo (Universita' di Roma La
Rocco Ronchi (Universita' di L'Aquila).

Conference info: mariotti@uniroma3.it

Registration form available on:

Useful addresses:

Scientific Co-ordinator:
Prof. Franca Orletti

Organizing Committee:

Giuliana Fiorentino
(0039) 06/54577355

Domenico Fiormonte
(0039) 06/54577549

Laura Mariottini

Melani Traini

Dipartimento di Linguistica
Via Ostiense, 236
00146 Roma
Fax. 06/54577344

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