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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Web editor for the H-IDEAS network


The H-Ideas editors are seeking a qualified individual to join the H-Ideas
editorial team as a web-editor.

H-ideas (http://www.h-net.org/~ideas) is in process of building an ambitiou=
database of online resources in the area of intellectual history and histor=
of ideas, ranging from links to various departments/organizations in the
field to e-texts and e-archives.

We are therefore looking for someone who, while working in the field of
intellectual history/history of ideas broadly defined, has also proven
experience in web-designing and site-building/developing.

Since H-Ideas is a virtual, international community of scholars,
interested individuals from any nation are welcome to apply for the
position. Likewise, interested individuals from any of the broad range of
academic disciplines related to intellectual history or to the history of
ideas are encouraged to apply.

This is an excellent opportunity for graduate and postgraduate students as
well as independent scholars and scholars at the beginning of their career
to develop an important aspect of their CV/career profile.

Qualifications for the position are:

-applicants must hold an advanced degree or be Ph.D. candidates in the fina=
stage of completing their graduate degree

-proven experience in web-designing and site-building

-strong English language skills (fluency in other languages is welcome)

-willingness and ability to make a two year commitment as web editor

H-NET requires individuals to undergo a two-day computer training program
and to be approved by the H-NET Council before being certified as an H-NET
editor. Serving as an H-NET editor is strictly voluntary, and involves no
monetary or material remuneration. The H-Ideas editorial team operates
democratically and by consensus, with each editor having an equal say in th=
decision-making process. As one of H-NET's most diverse and international
discussion groups, members of the H-Ideas editorial team enjoy close contac=
with scholars from around the world and from a broad range of academic

Interested individuals should submit (via e-mail or as attached MS Word
documents), a cover letter, a short resume/curriculum vita (listing their
relevant academic and/or editorial experience) AND a list of links to sampl=
sites they have created/maintained in the past to Costica Bradatan at:


The search will remain open until a qualified applicant has been selected.

The H-Ideas Editorial Team:
Dr. Costica Bradatan
Dr. Harald Braun
Dr. Ray Haberski
Dr. Neil Brody Miller

Costica Bradatan, PhD

The Knight Institute,
101 McGraw Hall,=20
Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 14853

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