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Digital Resources for the Humanities Conference 2004 (Sept. 5th - 8th)

Registration for DRH 2004 is now open and the registration form, plus a
provisional list of speakers, can be found at http://www.drh2004.ncl.ac.uk/

DRH organises an annual conference whose goal is to bring together the
creators, users, distributors, and custodians of digital resources in the

DRH 2004 is being hosted by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne from
Sunday 5th to Wednesday 8th September 2004.

The 2004 Conference aims to address some of the key emerging themes and
strategic issues that engagement with ICT is bringing to humanities
computing and scholarly research. Themes for 2004 include:

  a. Methods in humanities computing.
  b. Cross-sector exchange between heritage, national and local government,
     and education bodies.
  c. Broadening the humanities computing base.
  d. New forms of scholarly publication.

In addition to refereed papers, the conference includes Posters, an
Exhibition and a social programme.

Please use the registration form on the website. Other enquiries should be
addresses to drh_at_ncl.ac.uk

The Organising Committee.
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