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         Subject: Virtual Reality - New Issue Alert

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         Subject: Lecture Notes in Computer Science - New Issue Alert

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         From: "Springer Alerting" <alerts_at_springerlink.de>
         Subject: Virtual Reality - New Issue Alert

Volume 7 Numbers 3-4 of Virtual Reality is now available on the=20
SpringerLink web site at=20

This issue contains:

Special issue on 'Interacting with desktop virtual environments: Perception
navigation' p. 129
Sonali S. Morar, Robert D. Macredie

Navigational tools for desktop virtual environment interfaces p. 131
H. M. Sayers, S. Wilson, M. D. J. McNeill

A comparison of guidance cues in desktop virtual environments p. 140
Karl E. Steiner, Lavanya Voruganti

Comparing the roles of 3D representations in audio and audio-visual
collaborations p. 148
Martin Hicks, Sarah Nichols, Claire O'Malley

Evaluating the effects of frame of reference on spatial collaboration using
collaborative virtual environments p. 164
Wendy A. Schafer, Doug A. Bowman

Usability issues of desktop virtual environment applications p. 175
Sonali S. Morar, Robert D. Macredie

Context analysis to support development of virtual reality applications p. 177
Henriette S. M. Cramer, V. Evers, E. V. Zudilova, P. M. A. Sloot

A desktop VR prototype for industrial training applications p. 187
Q. H. Wang, J. R. Li

A system for desktop conceptual 3D design p. 198
Ji-Young Oh, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Usability issues in the design of an intuitive interface for planning and
maintenance interventions using a virtual environment p. 212
Ang=E9lica de Antonio, Ricardo Imbert, Jaime Ram=EDrez, Xavier Ferr=E9

         Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 06:42:19 +0100
         From: "Springer Alerting" <alerts_at_springerlink.de>
         Subject: Lecture Notes in Computer Science - New Issue Alert

Volume 3121/2004 (Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks) of
Lecture Notes in Computer Science is now available on the SpringerLink web
site at http://springerlink.metapress.com.

This issue contains:

Algorithm Design and Optimization for Sensor Systems: (Invited Talk) p. 1
Viktor K. Prasanna

Algorithmic and Foundational Aspects of Sensor Systems: (Invited Talk) p. 3
Paul G. Spirakis

[other specialist papers, deleted here because re-editing them for
presentation on Humanist proved too long a task]
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