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Volume 8 Numbers 3-4 of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing is now
available on the SpringerLink web site at

This issue contains:

Editorial 2AD: The second international conference on Appliance Design,
held at HP Laboratories, Bristol, UK, 11-13 May 2004 p. 145 Peter Thomas

  From devices to tasks: automatic task prediction for personalized
appliance control p. 146 Charles L. Isbell, Olufisayo Omojokun, Jeffrey
S. Pierce

Supporting routine decision-making with a next-generation alarm clock p.
154 Brian M. Landry, Jeffrey S. Pierce, Charles L. Isbell

The fuzzy felt ethnography-understanding the programming patterns of
domestic appliances p. 161 Jennifer A. Rode, Eleanor F. Toye, Alan F.

The Ambient Horn: designing a novel audio-based learning experience p.
177 Cliff Randell, Sara Price, Yvonne Rogers, Eric Harris, Geraldine

Sensible appliances: applying context-awareness to appliance design p.
184 SungWoo Kim, SangHyun Park, JungBong Lee, YoungKyu Jin, Hyun-mi
Park, Amy Chung, SeungEok Choi, WooSik Choi

WaterCalls: an ambient call queue for cooperation between emergency
service centres p. 192 Mårten Pettersson DOI: 10.1007/s00779-004-0277-8

Interactive scenarios-building ubiquitous computing concepts in the
spirit of participatory design p. 200 Hanna Strömberg, Valtteri
Pirttilä, Veikko Ikonen

Heckel's law: conclusions from the user interface design of a music
appliance-the bassoon p. 208 Nigel Derrett

Low-vision reading aids: reading as a pleasurable experience p. 213
Chandra M. Harrison

Communication enhancer-appliances for better communication in a family
p. 221 Sang-Hwan Kim, Amy Chung, Joon-Ho Ok, In-Sik Myung, Hyun Joo
Kang, Joo-Kyung Woo, Mi Jeong Kim

GIA: design of a gesture-based interaction photo album p. 227 YoungKyu
Jin, SeungEok Choi, Amy Chung, InSik Myung, JaYeon Lee, MinChul Kim,
JooKyung Woo

Evolution towards smart home environments: empirical evaluation of three
user interfaces p. 234 Tiiu Koskela, Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila

Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring system p. 241 Hans

Finding a form to hold the act of queuing p. 247 Isabel Hardemo

An editing tool that manages device associations in an in-home
environment p. 255 Irene Mavrommati, Achilles Kameas, Panos Markopoulos

Dress and Ange: coercing the address of highly personal body-centric
issues p. 264 Danielle Wilde, Sophie Birkmayer

Interactive and experiential design in smart textile products and
applications p. 274 Sharon Baurley

The Emotional Wardrobe p. 282 Lisa Stead, Petar Goulev, Caroline Evans,
Ebrahim Mamdani
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