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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 08:54:15 +0100

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         Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 08:38:02 +0100
         From: KriegPeter_at_aol.com
         Subject: New approach for humanities computing

"In the classicist's view, what happens in my project appears as a kind of
translation, from the richly ambiguous language of poetry into the stark
simplicity of unambiguous declarative statements" (McCarty

Dear Willard McCarty,

After reading the above statement on your website, I thought you and your
discussion group might be interested to learn that we have developed a
fundamentally new approach to computing beyond the Turing machine/Lambda
calculus, which seems to have the potential to solve your (and not only
your) problem...

The key is a different representation of data: instead of storing data in
cells, lists or any other containers holding the data, the Pile System
represents data as distributed relations. Data exist only virtual,
generated dynamically on demand, not stored and retrieved. Think of a
computer game that also does not store movie frames like a DVD, yet
generates n different movie variations from very little "data"... We apply
a similar approach to data in general.

All relations representing input as sequences and subsequences (data,
relations, structures or code) are unique, eliminating any redundancy in
representation. They are also interconnected in a single relation space
which is fully connected and transparent. (trees, containers, structures,
data are all simulations in this space only)

The results are quite dramatic, as we compute relations and relations of
relations etc. in a logically open, complex polylogic space wich does not
necessarily require non-ambiguity...

We believe that this approach could be the future of computing.

You will find more on our website and we are open for evaluation and


(testable software and APIs are available under development license)


Peter Krieg

Pile Systems Inc.
Am Heidehof 54
14163 Berlin

Tel +49-30-2838 9680
Fax +49-30-2838 9689
Mob +49-171-1740 817
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