18.122 prominence of goibniu?

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         Subject: Re: Goibniu (Govannon)

Any thoughts on why this would appear so high up (mid-point) in the corpus
in question ? is it a name on everyone's lips in G.B. at present, so that
it would be slightly more common than paprika ?

>In the Celtic mythology of Wales and Cornwall ('Insular Brythonic
   Govannon (Welsh) was the son of Danu and Beli or Brigid and Tuireann. He
killed his nephew, Dylan, not knowing who he was. He was a smith god who
created magical swords for the Tuatha de Danaan, along with Credne and
Luchtainel. He was also a god of alcohol; his beer gave the drinker
>Alternative: Govannan, Gofannon, Goibniu (Irish)
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