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         From: Espen Ore <Espen.Ore_at_nb.no>
         Subject: Re: [DIGLIB] Library of Congress Global Gateway: Lewis
Carroll Scrapbook Now Online

Laura Gottesman skrev 20.07.2004 20:39:

>Please excuse any cross postings.
>The Library of Congress's Rare Book & Special Collections Division
>is pleased to announce the release of a new digital collection, The
>Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Collection, available on the Library's Global
>Gateway Web site at: http://international.loc.gov/intldl/carrollhtml/

Scrapbooks may be one of the coming items on the web. At the National
Library in Norway there are quite a few which we are considering. And for
one of them necessary work on conservation made it necessary to dismantle
the scrapbooks (a set of 13 scrapbooks), so we have made a virtual version
of the original scrapbook (so far one of them) available combined with a
database which allows searches for the individual objects on the pages (or
on other objects - this goes through many levels). The scrapbook is
available here:


(The web-pages are in Norwegian only, but it should be possible to play
around with some of the features even if you don't read modern Scandinavian.)

The project has been further described in Anderson, J., Alistair Dunning,
and Michael Fraser (eds) "DRH 2001 and 2002", Offive for Humanities
Communication Publication 16, King's College, London.

Espen S. Ore
National Library of Norway, Oslo
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