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Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 06:34:41 +0100

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         Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 06:25:40 +0100
         From: "Amy C. Smith" <a.c.smith_at_reading.ac.uk>
         Subject: Ure Museum needs a programmer

Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, University of Reading

Job opening: Computer programmer to work full time for 8 months (September
2004-April 2005) on a JISC funded project, 'Virtual Lightbox for Museums
and Archives'

Experience/Skills required:
The ideal candidate (not yet selected) will work full time for the duration
of the project. S/he will be conversant with cross-platform development
techniques, especially java and the mozilla platform, and open-standards
server technology; show ability to implement RDF server-side. Experience
with museum data is desirable.

Outline project description:The project will involve creation, piloting and
testing of an e-learning and teaching design tool, Virtual Lightbox for
Museums and Archives. This open-source plug-in portlet, compliant with
global standards, will facilitate design and use of museum (and other)
collections data for independent learning. The project will also develop
and document an RDF vocabulary for museum website resources

Please contact Amy Smith
(<mailto:a.c.smith_at_reading.ac.uk>a.c.smith_at_reading.ac.uk /tel. 01491 378
8420) for more information.
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