18.176 Virtual Reality 8.1

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         Subject: Virtual Reality 8.1

Volume 8 Number 1 of Virtual Reality is now available on the SpringerLink
web site at http://springerlink.metapress.com.

A pseudo-immersive virtual environment-a framework for modelling sheet
deformation p. 1
B. S. Mahal, D. E. R. Clark, J. E. L. Simmons

Interaction with a desktop virtual environment: a 2D view into a 3D
world p. 17
Eleanor Marshall, Sarah Nichols

Navigation in desktop virtual environments: an evaluation and
recommendations for
supporting usability p. 26
Angelia Sebok, Espen Nystad, Stein Helgar

Design and display of enhancing information in desktop information-rich
environments: challenges and techniques p. 41
Nicholas F. Polys, Doug A. Bowman

Evaluating design guidelines for reducing user disorientation in a desktop
environment p. 55
Shamus P. Smith, Tim Marsh

Fast continuous collision detection and handling for desktop virtual
prototyping p. 63
Stephane Redon

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